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Numi and the rest of you overachievers who have topnotch MBA’s and key insights,

I’d deeply aprpeciate any advice on the process. Things you wish you’d known, did differently. Reccomendation letter tips. Anything really.

Richard montauk

Yeah I read his book. Anything else?

you should go LBS…i think it was number 1 last year…not sure what it is now though


You should be more specific. otherwise you don’t get very serious answers

Who are we kidding? We know he’s just doing this for the chicks.

At the risk of sounding too obvious…here are my 0.02

  • Apply in 1st round, if you can. Latest in 2nd round.

  • Find someone who lets you write your own recommendation

  • Stand out in your app / essays but don’t come across as someone cocky

  • Get as many trusted friends / family esp. with MBAs to critically rip your essays apart as you can

  • Start your essays early and revise over time. It’s a journey

  • Befriend alumni from your target schools

I should add, my boss went to my dream school. This is pretty much my only insider thing at the moment. Not sure what he can and will do. He says that the school generally ignores his advice on applicants who he interviews.

I think the interviewers are mostly there to help sell the school to applicants. There is no way that the admissions office trusts untrained alumni across the world to make any decisions.

Alumni can be helpful in a number of ways though

  1. Many schools get an alumnus to interview. While they are not the decision makers, they get to say a Yay or a Nay. Besides, depending on how well-connected the alumni are, you could easily find that you know someone who knows someone etc.

  2. An alumn can be your best source of tips for tailoring your app for their specific school

  3. You can find ways of slipping in your app the fact that you are very keen on the school and that you’re doing your extensive research and meeting alums (you can even name them if they are distinguished people) which is reinforcing your belief that theirs is the best school for you …blah blah blah

You’re seriously willing to forego 3rd world women for 2 years and deal with prissy American chicks?

Maybe he just doesn’t want to get your hopes up. BTW, why bother with MBA? I though you were already living the dream?


  1. Won’t be going to B-School in the US. I’m sincere when I say that I have no interest in American chicks.

  2. It will be, hopefully, a paid for two year vacation from India relatively close to some skiing.

  3. I wouldn’t say that I’m living the dream. But I’m certainly a hell of a lot happier than I woudl be working as a barista in the US. With my skills and work ethic, this is where I’d be if I had stayed. I don’t think i’m even qualified to wait tables in the US.

But this isn’t really about me. I want your advice fellas on things you learned and wish you knew. Thanks!

What schools are you looking at outside the US? I’m just curious, because I don’t know much about non US business schools.



I think my GMAT score will determine a lot of that. I’ll know more tomorrow. Like I said, less about me and more about your skills and insights, gents.

I got no skills or insights but i have stories. I know a guy who got into London Business School…he studied aerospace engineering at Purdue and got a GMAT of 700. No finance/business experience. Hobby rockclimber,fluent in 3-4 languages and learning chinese There was an interview which he nailed.But he deferred entry or chose not to go (2011)…I think these programmes are really more interested in the diversity of its students than ‘formal scores’ per se…good luck Tikka.