Back to Back C as an answer choice

Did any of you guys get back to back Cs as an answer choice in the AM session?

wow i thought this was only me - but yeah i found loads of responses were C’s…

thanks…u bet…i got a lot of Cs and was almost worried

I didn’t even notice or care.

Yes, like 5-6 in a row. Was weird but then I thought - I have more important things to worry about atm. :slight_smile:

I think there is always some “serial correlation” in the answers. I quickly ran a Durbin-Watson test and figured the results are insignificant.

Good because I have no idea how to hansen’ize it! Although I always liked how under two was positive and over negative… a backwards mnemonic.

LOL - you guys are my kind of people. You hiring?

Forget hansen. There is a more robust method.

Welcome aboard. Everybody toiling for free here.

Guess we’re all a lil more than one standard deviation away from normal then.

^I think it’s a Student T distribution…

yep same here… was going to run the durbin watson test but realized my results were Ar1 time series and so DW wouldnt work… Had to use a first differentiated regression on the residuals…

Yea, I got AR1 too, no unit root though. I barely know what I’m talking about… :slight_smile:

Speaking of mnemonics, did anyone use this one: UNIT root : DICKey-fuller?

I know the section you are thinking of (6 in a row around the middle), and I can say with certainty that you fell into at least 3 traps.

Thankfully, I discovered them upon review. I’m sorry for your loss.

this…so much this.

I have no clue what you all are talking about which has caused my anxiety to flare up again.

Just a regular flashmob, nothing to do with the actual exam.

I think i had 4 or 5 in a row max. ( that was a section I wasnt as comfortable with.) wouldnt be surprised if I missed one there.

Think it was the first ten questions in the AM section. O’ well, guess we’ll find out soon enough.