banni is doing the MSWs on here this weekend

yes banni - I heard you have plans this weekend (on golf MSW) . . . but you need to study so you can pass L3 2010 this year . . . you hate it but you know it . . . to open on a good note - - good luck everyone :slight_smile: banni is taking over the L3 marathon study weekend motivational posts for me soon as I am unable to host them in L3 this year or next year (yes banni, you are :slight_smile: You need someone who is in the foxhole next to you in the last couple of weeks of this war you are engaging on the L3 curriculum. I bet and I hope that most of you out there studied that curriculum so much it stinks. Your books are sitting out all day. You don’t even want to look at it anymore as you have been looking at those books so much; however, this is the “meat and potatoes” of the learning curve that the CFAI expects. I wish I was there with you but 2010 was not my L3 year. I wish the best of luck to you and I hope that you stay true to your commitment to pass this exam . . . I’m sure you are sick of learning formulas that won’t work in the real world, but this charter is worth getting and I’m sure there are still valuable concepts in L3 that can serve as a “history lesson.” Just like L2 when they threw in that non-nonsensical for the practitioner Markowitz theory no tax model. We have taxes and taxes need to be a factor when analyzing value. Governments need to function and people need to be taxed. I’m sure you are learning stuff in L3 that is pure academia and has no purpose in the real world. Suck it up banni, dinesh, thealiman, getsetgo, solarpower03 and all you others. I’m serious. I do not want to see any of these people that I have come to know not get through L3 2010. You can do this. And to everyone else that I missed. I read the L3 posts sometimes but not as much as I did in the past. I think we can crank a 10 - 20% positive delta on the [AF] vs [non AF] 2010 CFA pass rate and I would like to see it on this board - - thank you very much :slight_smile: banni - if you don’t hold MSW’s this weekend in my place for L3 2010ers I will come up there to your state and kick butt if you know what I mean. seriously banni - - this is you and I think we talked about you missing me doing the MSWs this year . . . so I give you the ‘flame’ - - haha. good luck with the studies everyone and also don’t forget bchad’s video that he sent last year on youtube too when the exam date is coming close. banni: here is your schedule countdown if you want to use it april 17 MSWeekend golf april 24 MSWeekend foxtrot may 1 MSWeekend echo may 8 MSWeekend delta may 15 MSWeekend charlie may 22 - may 28 MSWEEK bravo may 29 - june 3 MSWEEK alpha june 4 - relax june 5 - CFA LIII exam gl gl gl gl gl - - the L3 is a killer . . . I have not seen it but know a handful of others who have - - stay strong . . . peace - phil

Yes Banni go and take the flame from philli.platt. Wish you were here with us in L3. Your these posts were motivating.

Ok people… it’s time. We’re all a little bit restless at this point. Tired of reading, nothing is sinking in, spring fever, just not feeling great. Well tough sh&t. It’s the first MARATHON STUDY WEEKEND. Time to get crazy. It’s only Wednesday. That doesn’t mean you can’t start early. EOC’s, q-bank, chit chat here. It’s time we step up our games. We might hurt the next 7 weeks, but it’s all going to be worth it. Welcome to MSW’s. Consider the torch carried and if you want some motivation, search Phil’s quotes from last year- I don’t know if I’ll do his insanite drive justice. “WE WANTED IT REAL BAD” -michael jordan Game 5: The Flu Game Wednesday, June 11, 1997 at the Delta Center Game 5, often referred to as “The Flu Game”, was one of Michael Jordan’s most memorable. On Tuesday, Jordan woke up nauseated and sweating profusely. He hardly had the strength to sit up in bed and was diagnosed with a stomach virus or food poisoning. The Bulls trainers told Jordan that there was no way he could play the next day. The Jazz had just won two in a row to tie the series, and Chicago needed their leader in this crucial swing game. In the NBA Finals best of seven games format, that Game 5 was critical, since the winner would be just one game away from the NBA Title. Against all odds, Jordan rose from bed at 3:00 p.m., just in time for the 6:00 tip-off at the Delta Center. Jordan was visibly weak and pale as he stepped onto the court for Game Five. At first, he displayed no energy whatsoever, and John Stockton, along with reigning MVP Karl Malone, quickly led the Jazz to a 16-point lead. But in the second quarter, Jordan started to sink shots despite lacking his usual explosive speed and hardly being able to concentrate. He scored 17 points in the quarter as the Bulls hit the front with a furious rally before halftime. The Jazz though reclaimed their lead and pushed it to 8 points early in the fourth quarter. But the Bulls went on a 10-0 run to take the lead again and the game would remain tight the rest of the way. Luc Longley and Scottie Pippen did their best to keep the Bulls in the game while Jordan was fatigued again in the third. But Jordan turned it on again, scoring 15 points in the fourth quarter. With less than a minute to go he was at the free throw line; he made the first but missed the second. Toni Kukoc tapped the offensive rebound to Pippen who passed to Jordan and he swished a three-point shot to put the Bulls up by three points with less than 30 seconds left. Chicago then withstood a late Utah push and held on for a narrow victory when John Stockton missed the first of two free throws in front of the stunned crowd with an exhausted, dripping and sweat-soaked Jordan briefly throwing two fists into the air as the buzzer sounded. Jordan talking to the media after the game quoted “we wanted it real bad.” Jordan finished the game with 38 points including an impressive putback dunk, seven rebounds, five assists, three steals and one block. Malone was the highest-scoring Jazz player with 19 points but suffered from some dreadful shooting, throwing up an off balance airball on the possession prior to Jordan’s big 3. Malone would finish the second half 1 for 6 from the field. Jordan stayed on the court for 44 minutes, resting for only four minutes while being perpetually at the brink of fainting. With only a few seconds remaining and the game finally in hand, Jordan collapsed into Scottie Pippen’s arms.

nice banni, a good start

What is a marathon study weekend?

amen boys and girls. time to get serious about this thing.

Forgot about these, ha! Lets get going boys and girls! 7 weeks of hard work and we are done forever. Great start Banni - no one better at success than MJ! (That memory brings a tear to my eye… ahh the glory days)

im in for this weekend. i am so motivated i took friday off to get a head start…cant wait.

how long u guys plan to study these MSW? 4-6hrs each day?

Good to see old team back. Bipolar (my friend with asian fantasy) - May be more than 4-6 hours. L3 is toughest. Where is everyone else? Aimee, Deep2002, TheAliman, Skillionaire, Planner, SuperSharpShooter, Nirjraina etc Also Mumukada, N.Vancandidate etc

i talked to aliman yesterday- new job, he’s taking a year off. this is good news to anyone taking this year- the kid is not dumb (to say it mildly) and would beat you on the test for sure. so pass now, you don’t want to face up against him in the 50% pass you or him in 2011. this weekend, yeah, 5 or 6 hours a day both days sounds right. heck, i’ll even give up friday night. add me in for 2 hrs then. it’s time. time to live, breath, sleep this test.

I know swaptionGamma is around and reading this post. He/She (many folks here are still confused over SG’s gender) is at the same stage as we are.

I wondered where aliman was! Good for him (and you’re right, good for us, too). I’m in for the MSW. My plan is 2-3 hours Fri. night, 4-5 on Sat., and 6-8 on Sun. The countdown to being done with studying (forever!) is all the motivation I need. Plus, my allergies are a real b!tch right now, so it’s not like I’m going outside anytime soon.

Okay, I am in. But I do almost all of my weekend studying in the library sans computer, so just know that I will be there (here) in spirit. Just when I am ready to close up the books, I will think of you characters posting and I will get back to it. Next weekend will be another marathon - Schweser 3-day seminar. All day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Eleven knows how to have a good time.

anybody started pratice exames yet? i’m planning on doing one the first week of May. I still haven’t even finished my first reading of the material yet! btw pretty sure swaptiongamma is a dude

^ ha that’s funny. target date for my 1st practice test is may 8th weekend.

Well done bannis! Bipolar - I am planning pn practice exams first of May too…still reviewing and haven’t touched ethics or GIPS yet. I am fortunate to have Fridays off going forward until the exam - finding the L3 format very difficult so really need to focus. I actually miss quant!

Hope to take first practice exam on May 1st, but might be pushed back a week. I just started my second read through material and doing the CFA questions. Its time to get serious, up to this point all i have done is go through the motions…

I’m in

My first practice test will be May 1. 3 consecutive Saturdays of Schweser practice tests, then a couple more weekends for CFAI practice tests and reviews. That is the plan anyway.