Beards; cool or not cool

Fashionistas and celebreties across the globe are sporting unruly manly beards, we’ve seen Christian Bale, David Beckham, an Leo DeCaprio wear them with pride and now little ol me has brought them to the office. I’ve gone unshaven for nearly 2 weeks and given my hair is very dark and thick I think I look pretty cool.

Men with beards = wounded badger / fierce like a warrior?

I don´t like full beards. Sideburns rule!!

If you are wearing a beard you must absolutely have a moustache to go with it.

Comprehensive list of men who can rock a beard without looking douchey:

  • cast of Duck Dynasty

  • 2/3 of ZZ Top

  • Obi Wan Kenobi

Not cool for professional types.

The Bernanke has a nice beard.

Great if you’re Chuck Norris

Rick Ross rocks a Boss Beard.

NAY for beards/moustaches

YAY for a two day growth

Soul patch all the way. With a soul patch, people know that you’re a hip, slack gen x-er who doesn’t give a crap with the establishment guys without soul patches think.

Beards seem to be acceptable for quants. Not preferred, necessarily, but acceptable.

Is that the same thing as a “flavor saver”?

I rock the clean shaved 2 day scruff. Clean the neck up and outline the beard on top, LL this.

I’m halfway through my 4 week notice period before moving onto a new job with a different firm. I’m gonna get this beard to a 4 week growth before I shave it all down…

^ That is an acceptable use of the beard.

I’ve had a beard for a couple years now. Any man without a beard qualifies as a girl and should be treasted as such.

I had a beard earlier this year after I left my old job. Combined with a clean cut appearance otherwise, my stock went up with the ladies. You definitely look older and more manly. You also look like a hipster or a lumberjack, neither of which is qualified to manage money… so I shaved once I started my new job.

I personally think the beard thing is so played out. Everyone wants to look like a Brooklyn hipster. Its gone so far that people are paying $8,000 for facial hair transplants. Idiots.

This is my favorite example of bearded idiocy. A bunch of insecure men reassuring each other that the hair on their face solidifies their masculinity. 85% of the unemployable bearded clowns walking around my city eat tofu and have never taken a punch. But please, tell me about how girly I’ve become since joining the ranks of highly paid old conservative white men in suits.

Hipster look is so unattractive to me. The combination of beard, black-framed glasses and combat boots just screams douchey.

I’ve been sporting short-ish beard+shoulder length hair since late last year, and I sort of justify it professionally for this reason. I’m more inclined to shave and cut hair before going on job interviews than before a date. The look probably hurts with the ladies, all things considered.

I’m sympathetic to this. Facial hair is a key distinguishing feature between men and women. Hair on your head can grow to any length so it never made sense to me that long hair was feminine. It makes more sense for shaving facial hair to be considered feminine. Regardless, cultures have favored shaving or beards in cycles over the years. Often social norms wrt shaving and crew cuts are driven by military policies that carried over into civilian life. I’d rather think about why and how these norms come about than just follow what everyone else is doing.

Agreed with that part of it. I don’t dress like a hipster (I HATE flannel and skinny jeans). I can’t recall anyone mistaking me for one. It’s more than just a beard that makes you a hipster.