Beasts of No Nation

Netflix’s first feature boys, looks mad.

3 more days.

looks promising


Independent has Elba pulling off a Oscar worthy performance. I think this one could match the hype.

Jessica Jones also confirmed for a November release, these guys aren’t messing about.

I saw this, good, but not great. Kind of slow too.

I fast read this title as breasts of no nation. That would be a head scratcher

I was a fan, slow but powerful film.

Wow, what a coincidence. Watching it right now.

“how does your commaaanda luuuk?”

“ol Rite Sir!”

Seen it. Good film.

I’ve not seen it yet, should Idris Elba have been nominated?

Wish CFAvsMBA was here to comment on the recent Oscars controversy

He was good, but he had more of a supporting actor role…

Of course not, he’s black. Everyone knows that black actors/actresses don’t get nominated for best lead or best supporting in the new millennium. Well, unless it’s 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, or 2013. And they certainly don’t win. Well, unless it’s 2001 (2 black winners), 2004 (2 black winners), 2006 (2 black winners), 2009, 2011, or 2013.

^ love it. I read the Spike Lee quotes and felt an intense need to slap his annoying little face.

I wish Stormy was still around, he’ll be in an uncontrollable fit of rage

CvM would say black people are being racist.

Stormy would explode in a mist of black smoke.

I love how some celeb cited John Boyega in Star Wars TFA, as if somehow his performance was Oscar worthy.

Makes all the hard working thespians out there look bad.

I don’t understand the oscar controversy. Should movies be based on merit, not affirmative action? If there weren’t any oscar worthy “coloured” movies, then there weren’t any.

Race/Ethnicity (2010 census) By race:[4]White American 72.41% African American 12.61% Multiracial and Some other race 9.11% Asian American 4.75% American Indian and Alaska Native 0.95% Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander 0.17% By ethnicity:[4]Hispanic/Latino (of any race) 17.4% Non-Hispanic/Latino (of any race)



I’m calling out HIGGMOND on this one; he either doesn’t understand how numbers work or he’s presenting the data in a way that suits him. Telling us which years nominations occurred without looking at the number of nominations is 100% misleading. There are about 107 Academy Award Nominees. So since 2000 there have been a possible of about 1,605 nominees (give or take). Since 2000, there have been about 35 black nominees; so that’s a percentage of 2.18%. And this is just nominations, we’re not taking about who wins. The numbers don’t lie; what HIGGMOND presented was total non-sense and not worthy of someone who calls themselves an analyst.

Oh, hey Zesty! I figured you died of whatever disease causes extreme annoyance. I see you’re still just flaming people without actually providing any figures. As usual, I’ll do the work for you.

Here’s an article from the Economist that give some interesting stats. Are blacks under-represented? Yes, but not nearly as much as they’re making it out to be. You know who’s really getting shafted? Hispanics and asians. How come they don’t whine about it all the time?

The article is very balanced, in my opinion. The main points being the Academy voters are 95% white, almost all producers are white, and most leading roles go to white actors. That’s the root cause. Given all that, you might expect a “whitewash” every year, no?

Here’s the important part of the article for those that don’t have time to read the whole thing:

“Blacks are 12.6% of the American population, and 10% of Oscar nominations since 2000 have gone to black actors. But just 3% of nominations have gone to their Hispanic peers (16% of the population), 1% to those with Asian backgrounds, and 2% to those of other heritage (see chart).”

So, since 2000, blacks are being nominated 2.6% less than they probably should be if we’re going purely off demographics. I’d say with all those factors I mentioned above working against them, they’re doing all right.