Beauty blender

I admit I had to Google what beauty blender was :confused:

“After polling her followers, the Central Florida couple posted a video on Twitter of Johnna using Damon’s balls as a beauty blender. (“It actually works really nice because it’s warm,” she confessed.)”


It’s Central Florida…

What’s with some girls and make up these days, they wear so much of it.

^agreed. even the ‘natural’ look has so much shit caked on. LIES!! its all LIES!!

No clue how they find time for all that

Sooo I’m assuming the guy has to shave right before this? …TMI?

what the F!?! !!!

i hope only shaving and certainly hope not waxing!

I hope they’re not Italian and do kiss greeting with other people.

Waxing for sure, unless she is crazy. Oh wait…

You know how much waxing on ballsack would hurt - things are fragile down there!

my gf uses a beauty blender, should see if she wants to use my sack next time

so let me get this straight…this chick is dabbing the makeup on her face with her bf’s balls because theyre warm? and it’s cost effective? man, i wish i was a fly on the wall for that convo… was she just getting t-bagged one day and then the idea struck her in the head??

I imagine not worse than Brazilian

Sore labes are one thing but getting the sack waxed has to be a whole different level of pain. Its not like you can get them done in one pull. The thought of it makes me cringe but the idea of being as smooth as a child again certainly intrigues me.

yeah I’d probably choose a spinal tap over a sack wax

And you think ours is done in one pull? :slight_smile:

Ah shiz here comes KR, the resident waxing expert to lay some dope knowledge upon us. Bring out da Hype man, horns, and sirens Ya’ll cuz we bouts to get schooled!!

I have not undergone the operation but i’m fairly certain it would take at least half a dozen more swipes and wrap around maneuvers to remove every bit of hair off of even the teeniest of testees and shafts compared to the meatiest of ham wallets. Just a mental calculation of course because I’m not about to offer my manhood up for science without a hefty payout on the other end of the deal.

And women are called the weak gender…