Bengals Cheerleader Arrested For Having Sex With Student

I bet the poor guy is traumatized.

I feel sorry for the student. Imagine the trauma that he must be going through. No one can withstand that many high fives at once.

So many questions:

Why is she still working as a teacher if she just won an $11 million settlement?

What school allows their teacher to be a professional cheerleader on the side?

Who decided on Beg-Gals? You’re fired.

Who writes “stiff penalty” in a story like this?

Who wouldn’t have sex with her? That needs to be taken into consideration during sentencing.

I heard the student had to undergo physical therapy for the sprained wrist he got from so many high fives!

Link to the video?

Hahahahaha that kid is AWESOME.

life is so unfair…

I bet when he first told his friends nobody believed him.

you think the guy was super cool or what?

It is. My school didn’t have any hot teachers

She’s not quite so pretty here - it might take more beers than you originally thought:


Although on a serious note, it might suck to peak that early in your game. I mean, there’s only so much you can go up from there.


“We are downgrading our rating from Buy Buy Buy to Not With A Borrowed.”

There’s a button on the page that says “large photo” but I didn’t push that.

Well, but in fairness, I’ve never seen a good mug shot. I’m sure she cleans up nice.

*Edit: I just did a quick google image, she maintains a solid buy rating in my book. Plus, I mean c’mon, the guy’s in high school.

the boy is a legend…he won’t have to do the CFA to get respect in my view…

Ehh I’m having a hard time reconciling the photos between hot cheerleader action and meth addict. Nobody has a great mug shot, but how could the delta possibly be that large? Something is not right here.

that mug shot is just one of those bad-angle bad-lighting shots. All supermodels have had their not attractive shots taken when they’re buying groceries or walking their dog.

This reminds me of the news story about how 3 women were going around forcing random men to have sex with them, and keeping their sperm for some ritual. The comments on that news article were hilarious.

There’s a second photo in that series. It’s better than the mugshot, but it’s definitely a step down from the cheerleader one she might have used on Jdate. (ok, that was a bit mean, I admit it)

I feel so bad for the kid. I mean this is really messed up. The Bengals? They suck.

You think they suck, you haven’t taken biology from one of their cheerleaders! HOYOO!