Benjamin Netanyahu

It seems like a pretty boldface move on Prime Minister Netanyahu’s part to leverage the partisan politics that currently hamstring our government in order to influence/sabotage President Obama’s foreign policy initiatives, because he sees them as not being in Israel’s best interest. And Boehner is only too happy to be the wrench in the works- as the Republicans are only too willing to gleefully do anything they can to get in the way of the President’s progress. Admittedly, a nuclear Iran would be a problem for everyone. And like many, I suspect that while Iran is pretending to work diplomatically, they are stalling to work under the table to develop a weapon. But simply walking away from discussion leaves one other alternative. And we see how Iraq worked out for us.

It seems like some of the Republicans would prefer a nuclear strike on Iran as opposed to diplomacy. And admittedly I’m no expert on nuclear centrifuges, but I have to trust the experts and classified intelligence being used do know what they are talking about.

Iran doesnt want to develop nuclear weapon. Russia also has no troops in ukraine… Sure…

I think Netanyahu clearly overstepped his boundaries - not the first time for Israel (ba-dum!) He thinks he is fighting for Israel’s survival since a nuclear Iran under a nihilist mad mullah will not hesitate to attack Israel even if Iran gets nuked to a wasteland.

However, this is not America’s problem. Republicans were morons to let this small-country politician bypass our President, their blind hatred for Obama has exposed America’s political rifts to the world.

I hope Obama shows some balls and just cuts off foreign aid to Israel. Hey, if you want our money, you suck our d1ck, not interfere in our foreign policy and lecture us how we should deal with other countries. That will ensure that no Israeli politician tries this shit again.

EDIT to add: BTW Bibi has been screaming “Iran is getting a nuke NOW” since 1996. He is the boy PM who has cried wolf too many times. Not to mention his embellishments regarding Iraq -

The party that can’t wait to wrap itself in the flag just let a foreign leader shit all over the President and half of the country. After all of their crazy antics, hopefully, the republicans finally jumped the shark on this one and we’ll finally see a wave a reasonable politicians with right leaning views.

Bibi has guts to stand up for his own country, and what he believes in. Kudos to him.

^ can’t agree with you more.

@naren: Israel has always done this (used partisan american politics to further their cause). Smart on their part. In fact the battles are not just between Democrats. vs. Republicans. It can be intra party. (search for mayor of NYC who was Jewish and fought on behalf of Israel. Hint: more than 1).

I don’t fault Bibi for this - this was great opportunistic behavior on his part. Fault Boehner to fall for it. McCain would not have fallen for it (nor would have Romney).


Netanyahu has always been arrogant. Not surprised when we found out a few years ago that world leaders thought the same when private conversations were leaked.

He is the last person on the planet capable to muster the diplomatic skills required to get a peace deal done. His political career depends on a deal not getting done though as the only platform he is able to run on is how Israel is in constant danger and that he’s the only man that can protect it.

Iran is terrorist state, and US doesn’t negotiate with terrorists… surprised everyone forgot about that one

^ It is negotiating. That’s what diplomacy is all about.

P.S. You are so biased it’s impossible for you to think clearly on this subject matter.

Quick quizz (Only YES/NO)

  1. Does Iran sponsor terrorists? (Offical terror organization UN list)

  2. Does Iran wants to forcefully destroy other country and inflict maximum casulties to civilian population?

Quite ironic you use a UN list.

Quick quiz (only Yes/No)

  1. Has Israel violated 45 resolutions by United Nations Human Rights Council since 2006? (that’s half of all country specific resolutions passed by the Council).

  2. Is the establishment of Israeli settlements in the Israeli occupied territories illegal under international law?

One second, what has Israel to do with Iran? See, here is the problem, i didn’t even talk about Israel, YET, you started atacking Israel for no reason.


Answer my quiz and we will continue discussion on Iran

P.S. We are talking about Iran nuclear deal. I know you really want to go off topic and trash talk Israel, but save it for other thread. Here were are talking about Iran nuclear deal

Last I checked, the title of the thread is Benjamin Netanyahu.

Second of all, I would include everyone at the negotiation table, even “terrorists”. They stop being terrorists the second they have something to lose.

Really? Can you please define ‘Terrorist’ and then define how one stops being a ‘Terrorist’ once they have something to lose.

And like I mentioned in my previous post, you’re too emotional about this subject to debate it with a level head. You lost it in your last reply.

I heard his 1996 speech over the weekend. It wasn’t the only time he was wrong and showed a lack of judgment. He said in 2002 before Congress concerning the inevitable Iraq war:

“Saddam Hussein’s removal would have enormous positive reverberations on the region”.

The biggest winner of the Iraq war was…drum roll please…Iran.

OK why do Republicans have a boner for Israel? I get that it’s a democracy and a developed country. So is Australia. Why do Republicans care about Israel more than their own country?

One crazy explanation I have heard is that the second coming of the messiah is only possible if Jews control Jerusalem (but then he will destroy all Jews or something.) So the fundamentalist Christians fervently want Israel to control all of Jerusalem. So their purse strings open for Republicans when they go overboard like this.

I thought that American Jews support Israel out of a multitude of religious and historical reasons, but largely vote and donate to Democrats, so it’s not so much for them.

^ Yes, Jewish Americans massively support the Democrats and this is a constituency that the Republicans want. Not sure if foreign policy is enough to reverse the trend though. Most of my Jewish friends are right wing when it comes to elections in Israel but left wing during US elections.