Best firms for CFA candidates?

Anyone got suggestions on what are the best firms for CFA candidates? I heard some of these firms actually give you time off to study for the CFA in addition to your paid vacation. Mine doesn’t. In fact, I had to use 2 weeks of my own vacation for review! How sad! Now, I can’t even celebrate after the exam with a trip to Hawaii cause most of my vacation has already been used up! :frowning:

I can understand the pain of using an year’s vacation for house arrest. :frowning:

Deutsche Bank will give you 1500 in exam related expenses, and up to 3 days study time. Not much, but at least it’s something

GS, LB, MS, ML … all Bulge Brackets should be pretty good

Citigroup, nothing. At least the office i know.

I’d imagine all the bulge brackets give you some sort of compensation. I work at fairly large private equity firm (about 200 people) and they aren’t giving me a penny

I come from Citi as well. Exam expenses are not covered; however, I can enroll in any bullsh*t MBA program on the company card - makes sense right? Own vacation time for study as well.

I’m at Goldmans in London, and doing this on my own - this week is ‘holiday’ for me. None-Operations exams are actively discouraged. My boss even said that I ‘might have to compromise’ and come into work on a couple of days this week. I had to stop myself from laughing in his face! My study partner in the Investment Banking Division has had the last week and all of this to study in a meeting room at work…

I work for LB, NYC and altogether in the wrong department, with just 5 days left, I am still coding softwares for them…lol. Imagine being caught reading those green-coloured books during office. I’ll be fired for reading comic-books in office hrs…hehe - Dinesh S

I’m coming from MS and $0 in reimbursement. Using my vacation for this crap! :frowning:

dinesh, we should talk. im at MS in nyc totally wrong dept. been doing the CFA so i can get into the right dept…

dinesh, i hide the green books in my cubicle and pull them out when they are not looking LOL

I’m at S&P. using my vacation as well. The exam expenses are paid if I pass it. Some departments actually get free training from Schweser but not ours.

Atleast u guys are in the financial industry… I m in the telecom industry where I dont think they have any idea about CFA

I’m in telecom, too, smeet. My boss has his CFA … er, is a CFA Charterholder, and understands what a time-sink this is to study for. I guess I’m lucky from what I see here because he let me expense the registration, test, and up to $1k in study materials. Also told me to get lost for a couple of days before the test.

100% reimbursement if I pass. My bosses are pretty flexible and I can pretty much negotiate a bunch of stuff.

my green book always comes out at lunch time… from 11am - 2pm… every day… i figure its way more important than work… and no ones said anything about it so i guess they understand (maybe)

whoa 3hrs, thats a nice lunch :wink:

ahah its the only way i can get a higher “hourly wage”… a payrise is out of the question, so my only option left is to do less work =)

pacliboi04 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > dinesh, we should talk. im at MS in nyc totally > wrong dept. been doing the CFA so i can get into > the right dept… sure, see you after the exam…