Best Route for an accounting student

I study accounting(2nd year) but I dont want to end up in accounting ,what should i focus on my free time,to have necessary skills to break into finance apart from networking?

Change majors? You still have time no?

CFA, finance interns, good grades, top 5 MBA (optional).

@Ramo4rm No,I cant chang that I have to get my bachelors in accounting

Can you add a second major? It’s just a few more classes to get a Finance major from Accounting.

@JBrowntown no,the best I can do is have some classes apart from the uni such as financial statement analysis or quantitative methods.There are a few places offering those,Also I work full time at a marketing job so I cant study at uni and do CFA at the same time.

Do you guys believe accounting is a good choice to break into finance ?

Finance is the best choice to break into finance. But I guess for BAs, acounting comes second.

What about Economics or engineering ?

Finance is a flexible industry. You see all majors working in IBs, but they usually have convincing turnaround stories, and very hard workers.

They also almost always get either the CFA, top-5 MBA, or both.

You can break in with accounting as a start, as I did, but it probably would’ve been easier if I had not begun in accounting.

I’m going to suggest something pretty crazy here, so brace yourself: you could become . . . an accountant.

(There’s a gentleman by whose house we ride our horses all the time; he recently got rid of his Bentley and got a Maserati. His license plate – IADITUP – suggests that he’s an accountant.)

Yes. Or leave the program and become an actuary. Good work/life balance.

@s2000magician how can an accountant afford such luxuries ? But going back to the original topic please fill me on the original post I put

Get into Big 4. Transition to Transaction Advisory Services or Corp. Finance type group.

I would have guessed competitive eater, but your guess seems much more plausible.

not sure if you saw OP’s main point:

cfa and try get an analyst position at an IB

Perhaps if you don’t want to be an accountant, you shouldn’t be in an accounting program. Revolutionary, I know.

Get a good finance internship before graduation to demonstrate the turn around story.