best way to break up with a girl

Ok, I know I been bitching on, but I realised now i got to break up with this girl.

We started dating in late sept, so havent been going out 3 months even yet.

But she is well into me and I see her a lot. But I know that long term shes probably not right, and basically its the sex thats great.

I dunno waht to do, should I just take up smoking or do drugs or soemthing, it just seems easier that way? As maybe it wil force her to break upwith me.

I do really like her, but yeh, I think I like someone else more.

just say you think you should see other people…

oh good god

Pass her a note during homeroom.

Tell her you never want to get married and want to fool around forever, that will usu. work. And if not, then it’s open season

So sex with this girl is good but you want to break up with her because she is probably not right for you in the long term… why don’t you tell us the real reason you want to break up with her and then we’ll tell you the right wayto do it.

Ask her for a threesome. Either she breaks up with you or she’s into it. So, either you get what you want or something better.

Get her a decorative cake with a personalized message saying you’re breaking up with her. Sure, she’ll be upset, but she also gets cake. How mad could she be?

Just to be clear, this is the same girl you through a hysterical fit over (on an online forum) when she didn’t text you back within two hours while she was working, correct?

^ yeah, TP, if this is the same girl that drove you nuts over a seemingly brief period that she was unresponsive, maybe you do really have it bad for her. I think I’d be afraid if you found someone that you like even more…she would only have seconds to respond before you lose your top!

Dude, relax… your such a stage 5…

you’re pathetic…cant’ you just go and perv on some other girl? can we see a pic of her by any chance?

Preferably with very little clothing.

I’m 12 and what is this?

Really? This is beginning to smell like a troll.

Honestly TP, if this is a legitimate post and this is how emotionally unstable you are in a relationship, I don’t think you should be in a relationship with anyone. You’re fucked up and you need some sort of help to deal with it.

Cmon man just *do nothing*, no returning of calls or emails or whatever, poof gone.

The sharpest knife deals the kindest cut. There is no way to get out without her being hurt and/or angry. Your choices are: 1) Sit down and tell her that your feelings have changed and/or settled and that you want to cool it off and see other people. You’re sorry if she was hoping for more but that you just don’t see it going anywhere. This is hard to do but ultimately the most honorable and the most likely to preserve a friendship over the long term, if you care about that. 2) Just stop returning her calls until she gets the message. Thats the most cowardly, but it often works, unless she’s a stalker. 3) Get caught fooling around. This will usually make her decide to dump you and sometimes this saves her some pride (though if she’s insecure it can make it worse). But she may destroy your reputation with others if she is well connected in your peer group. 4) Start to be boring and unhygienic. She’ll want to leave you then. This makes it feel to her like it’s her decision, but it can take a while to happen and she may start trying to “fix” you first.

Exactly it’s like in the movie MoneyBall where Brad Pitt teaches the kid how to fire people, “hey man, your fired, sorry…okay we are done here”. Wow I had like 5 espressos and am coming up with the greatests internet wisdom!!! Coffee + internet = awesomeness.

Tell her you want to taste her chocolate starfish …