Better Call Saul

Anyone watching this? I’ve heard very good things so far. I’ll have to save up the episodes and binge watch it.

High pressure when it’s a spin off of the greatest show ever to grace our screens…

I have and I love it so far. Saul is a great character.

What are you guys talking about? Saul from Battlestar Galactica?

I completely forgot about it, but I scheduled reruns to record. It has to be good. It HAS to.

lol what a troll, you know what it is

Was going to watch it last night after finally watching the mid-season premier of TWD, but FiOS only had episode 102 on demand, not 101.

all these lawyer shows popping up - some poor kids will pursue law thinking it’s so awesome. Isn’t that profession already way overloaded with people?

According to one of my former professors, yes, yes it is. Highest watched cable series premier.

Well, this show has Saul starting out in the dumps working public defense cases with an office in the back of a nail salon. So not really glamorizing it in any way.

You’re right itera. You should launch a reality CFA TV show. It would be staring you, reading the curriculum, building excel models, gaining weight, hacksawing, posting on AF, getting shot down at a bar, and so forth. That would be baller and would capitvate the nation.

whats wrong buddy? you need to rearrange something that got wedged in the wrong way?

You can’t pack 14 inches and not get it stuck somewhere. Just saying.

I’m just playing cuz. Have you seen an influx of resumes from people who watched Wolf of Wall Street!? These poor kids will be schleppin’ insurance products as traditional stockbrokers are a big thing of the past.

I’m pleased so far. They didn’t try to just redo breaking bad. It’s different but also very good.

anyone watch the new asian show on abc ( i think)?

my sidechick is all into it but i cant get into it. it does have funny asian stereotypes


Gross, uncouth. But I still laughed.

Better Call Saul will be a phenomenal spin-off and I’m sure will gain considerable recognition award wise as well. As long as the quality remains strong of course. However there’s another spin-off I’ve been waiting 20 years for.

The movie Dead Presidents from 1995 is a stellar film. A film about the struggling life of several African-Americans in the projects. The years is 1969, a confusing time in American history with a wide variety of points of view on the nation. It’s a disturbing movie about how far young men would go at the time to stay alive, and out of jail. I have written countless emails to the Hughes brothers about a spin off about how these men change after the conclusion of the film. These young men have so much more to learn in the coming decades and I demand a spin off show as well. I hope many of you feel the same way.