Biden vs. Trump debates

Does anybody else think that this is going to be anything other than pure bloodshed? I’m thinking Butterbean vs. Knoxville.

In all seriousness–from what I can tell, Joe Biden looks like dementia and senility are starting to set in. Putting him on stage with a bloodthirsty, no-holds-barred DJT would be nothing short of criminal.

(Note - I’m not talking about the election. I’m talking about the debates. I think Biden still has a decent chance of winning, simply because there’s enough people who hate Trump that they’d vote for anybody else.)

Biden won’t make it to debates.

Interesting perspective. Trump can barely speak english.

What Trump is speaking is english to the majority of people in this country, sadly.

No, it’s not.

I understand President Trump just fine, he’s a great speaker. Listen to a few of his rallies and not the clips CNN plays and you’ll see.


I wasn’t aware you studied languages. Did you minor in moron?


You clearly overestimate the intellectual capacity of the majority of Americans.

the moderators will help Biden

As hpr say, Trump’s a great speaker. He’s speaking to joe lunchpail not the coastal elites, and he tailors his vocabulary to his target audience.

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^You guys don’t get it. Trump already has his base. He did a tremendous job of securing them four years ago. But, he’s lost almost all moderates (i.e. me). And, what’s worse, we’re in the fly-over states. I’ve never voted for a Dem president, but I will this election. Last go around I couldn’t vote for Trump but couldn’t vote for Clinton either, so I voted for whatever Libertarian they put up there.

This year, me and many like me will vote for Biden. Think of the shift that happened during the mid-terms. Suburban women voted out republicans. Now, even guys like me are fed up with Trump and will actively vote against him. Not just stay home or throw my vote away. Vote against him.

He can keep speaking stupid to his base. Fine. But he’s not going to win over those of us more towards the middle. Biden is closer to a republican than Trump is anyway.

i actually like how trump speaks. its very concise to the point.
also his rationale is pretty practical.
his behavior makes sense. basically if you insult me. im going to destroy you.
if you dont vote for me. i wont help you.
i understand that type of thinking.
in terms of elections. majority of our thoughts dont really matter as most of us are coastal. its the midwest swing states that determine elections.
and who knows what they are thinking.
these arent rational people.
also both these people are old. trump just has more ■■■■■ which makes biden more senile.

Off topic, but why is s.punk censored?

greenman hows the new business going. i assume your town is isolated from the rest of america?


follow the liiiiight!!!

STL, you’re terrible at picking winners, which is what voting is.I’m quoting this for the record. STL is clueless.

^Meanwhile, you make claims like Biden won’t make it to the debates. If he has a heart attack tomorrow you’ll claim you saw it coming and it’s part of some conspiracy. Totally impossible an old dude under a ton of stress dies, right? But, in all likelihood, he’ll survive and your comment will be forgotten. Isn’t that great? You get to make all the bullshit predictions you want, and when 1/100 comes true, you think you’re a magic 8 ball. What about all the other predictions? Just need to wait longer? Oh, ok.

Piss off. I’m tiring of you.

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for the record, isnt everything we say for the record?

Who are you talking to?

finally, someone is going to take the trash out

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Pretty sure it’s clear who I’m talking to.