Birthday gift Ideas

Any Ideas for a gift around 100 for a girl you know about two month ? Up until now we have chipped the food bills in two, so this is the first gift thing I am really getting her. Background info :

Know her for two months, Ok relationship so far , I don’t want anything too big yet, want to avoid the traditional type gifts.


…in a box

why not cook her a nice meal then bang her?

I will never forget the time I received a complementary coupon for $50 at

You’re not going to miss with a bouquet of roses …and is even cheaper than 100 bucks. Maybe is traditional but success is guaranteed.

Ok, more helpfully - gifts tend to be viewed by value within their category. What I mean is that, with $100, you can get a crappy something that is usually expensive, or a very nice something that is usually cheap. As examples, if you spend $100 on crappy jewelry (usually expensive), that is much worse than spending $100 on very nice flowers (usually cheap). If you spend $100 on the best chocolate, forever that person will remember “that time they ate $100 chocolate”. So what you want to do is identify that thing that is normally a cheap gift, and upgrade it to the max. You might not even have to spend $100.

Very good point Ohai. I was thinking about something creative and not the usual gifts. The other day I saw a very cool wooden box where you get to plant all these home grown herbs with the seeds and everything included. The box itself looked really nice and didn’t have the stereotypical gift feeling to it. I may also get her a cool coffee pour over kit with a hand grinder.

pink gym gloves.

Is this for the same girl that you were talking about in another thread and everyone concluded “you are clingy”?

I would say just stop, breathe and find some hobby!!!

^ Agreed. Do not buy her a gift. After two months, taking her out to a nice dinner and wishing her a happy birthday and paying for the dinner seems more than enough. But what do I know, I’ve been out of the dating game for a very long time.

@Smuggycfa .Yes.

A)She got me a gift about 3 days ago, so it’s not like buying manipulating people’s thoughts with gifts.

B)It is her birthday but as you can read I specifically mentioned I don’t want to buy anything expensive right now,but I think I still should get her a gift as her birthday.

I do agree with you,however where I come from birthdays are a BIG thing and it’s almost an insult to forget a friends birthday for example. As for the dinner, I am planning to cook for her .

^ I was going to caveat my statement by saying that this might not apply if she is a foreigner…

Within the first 2 months of me meeting my now wife… I was staying over at hers on the weekends and maybe a day or so during the week. It was her birthday and I was in the same dilemma as you SCB…

In the end, I went for a knife and chopping board coz she was using some crappy ones from the £ shop and wasnt able to make any decent food in a short space of time… .I think it went down quite well after some intial ‘ooh, err thanks!!’

We still have the chopping board and use the knife nearly everyday…

Digital photo frame… tell her that you feel that you and her will create a lot of good memories in the future and this would be a great place to store them. Similar to what I did with my now wife when I got her a digital camera, but same concept (although I was dating her for longer than you at this point.

She has just got a chopping board but the whole notion you brought up seems interesting.

Get her a keychain… with a GPS tracker.

Presenting woman with a knife and chopping board after 2 months… Like going all in in the first round of poker. Well I am glad it worked out in the end (?).

You need to make the gift more personal… Like ‘oh, he actually thought of the things I like and need’… dont go down the boring route of getting her flowers…damn… that is so cliche and only really something you do for valentines or just because you think they’ll look nice on her coffee table.

Does she like cooking: get her a cook book that she would like.

Does she like drinking coffee?: Get her a cool mug and coffee grinder…

Does she like wine?.. Go to the wine store and get her a 20yr old bottle…

She know’s ur a guy fella and you should reminder her why it is so good to have a guy…coz she will never have thought about getting herself any of the above… you will have thought about it coz ur a guy and she will recognise the need for you…

Take it from me. I’ve banged 100s of women.

While a stand-alone bidet costs way more than $100, especially when you consider the plumbing (those guys make bank I hear), you can get a bidet attachment on Amazon for about $25.