'Blade Runner' charged in fatal shooting


What’s wrong with these sports people?

She was a smoking hot supermodel featured in FHM

I don’t know, the “accident” story sounds fishy. I have a feeling we’ll never know the truth about what happened one way or another. But he seems like a pretty paranoid guy.

Sports runner

More than meets the eye,

Killer in disguise.

Killed an HCB


Not so glorious.

Shot model

No leg to stand on,

Fame is gone.

I like to move it, move it.

Roses are red, violets are glorious, never sneak up on Oscar Pistorious


Another Oscar gone wild

That was Madagascar

This is Oscar

I guess he couldn’t outrun… the law.

It’s going to be interesting to see whether he pulls an O.J. and can get away with this. Otherwise Bubba will probably rob his blades to leave Pistorious defenseless and satisfy some kind of sick fantasy with handicapped people in the prison’s showers.

This guy is a national hero. Hard to imagine that the judge will be able to view him in the same way as other people.

Also, the “necro” dude in the morgue is very likely having the time of his life with the pristine model that just landed on his table.

I mean, what a tragedy: an innocent model taken down and abused by the necro dude, and a national hero fighting to keep his backdoor intact in prison. I wonder if South Africa’s politicians are going to address gun control any time soon.

South africa has some of the strictest gun laws in the world, its hard to imagine them getting anymore restrictive

and his Nike ad said “I am a bullet in the chamber”

cant make that stuff up

Is NIke the new Madden curse? Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong and now this.

It’s a shame that the life of such a stunning woman ended in this manner. She could have had any guy in the world (married, single, young, old, rich, poor, athletic, fat) but she ends up settling with a whacko that had a history of domestic violence incidents.