Blood Pressure

Anyone here work out a lot and in good shape but still has jacked BP? Jacked meaning 140 ish over 80

I actually have the opposite problem - low BP… So when it falls, I start bumping into corners… I drink lots of coffee to compensate. Not sure what you do in your case.

Yeah, I run and workout almost everyday, 190 lbs 6’2" and my BP is like 135 over 80. I attribute it to me just being a stressful person by nature and maybe not getting enough sleep. I should probably drop about 10 lbs and maybe that would help. Anybody know effective ways to reduce BP?

Advil thins your blood, and thus, taking it daily, would reduce BP.

But 140/80 isn’t that bad is it? Isn’t the goal to be under 120/80? Not that far off.

Also - booze thins your blood as well. You just need to drink more. Simple (and enjoyable) solution

140/80 is borderline high. Diet and genetics factor into your BP as much, if not more, than your level of physical activity.

I think it is asprin that thins your blood. I thought I read the booze raises BP. 140/80 in the hypertension area.

^ Aspirin certainly thins blood, that’s why it’s prescribed for people with heart problems.

Go to a doctor. Don’t listen to us - a bunch of strangers with no medical degrees


Mine is excatly 120/60 on both hands, which I measured very recently and I’m worried about the low 60.

Does anyone know what this could entail?

I understand you’re not doctors but maybe anybody else had the same or has some knowledge. Thx

First, clean your filthy colon! Then, join the No Fap 4 Lyfe Brotherhood. You’ll see massive improvements in your blood pressure.

If all else fails, find that machine Gorden Gekko had on his desk in Wall Street.

Mine fluctuates around 130 / 60. According to doctors, it’s normal, but sometimes have spikes up to 145 / 75. I check it twice a week.

A couple of decades ago it was apparently said that normal systolic pressure was 100 + age, then started with the pre-hypertension concept if you were in the 130 / 85 - 139 / 89 range. Recently I read that some people in the industry are pushing to reduce the pre-hypertension’s lower limit to 120/80, the previous optimal BP, and that the target should be 119 / 79 or below. My guess is that they want to have everyone on BP pills apparently. Mofos.

I always have low BP, USUALLY around 100/60s but sometimes drop down to low 90/60 and i do get dizzy and light-headed.

The lady from the clinic suggests consuming some good quality salts (like mineral rock salt) in my diet.

Hah… I thought Advil was the “brand name” for aspirin. I guess it’s a good thing I’m not a doctor. As far as the booze - In the long run, I think you’re correct that it raises blood pressure, but while the alcohol is still coursing through your system, I’m pretty sure it thins the blood. So just stay drunk :slight_smile:

I’m 140 / 80 or something like that, despite doing a ton of exercise. For me it’s hereditary. Both of my parents’ sides have high blood pressure. One day, I’m going to be running a marathon and just collapse. Fuck this.

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You know how I know you’re old? You can name your blood pressure off the top of your head.

I only know my blood pressure because my optometrist took it recently. She is super cute, so maybe that changed the results…


Salty pretzels or pickles are a good alternative (if don’t drink coffee) to bring the pressure up.

Ivan Dargo, if you are thin/skinny, this could be reason for the low blood pressure.

Okay, now Drago will have to become a specialist in blood pressure.