Bloomberg terminal info..

Tomorrow I am going to go back to my university to check out a Bloomberg terminal we have (I didn’t even know it existed until after I graduated). I figure it may be a minuscule point, but still something I can add on my resume. Anyways, will everything be self explanatory as I use it? Any glaring aspects I should know beforehand in order to best use my time? Thanks for the advice.


Make sure you master the RV and FA functions if you’re going to work in research

google a guide to learning how to use bloomberg terminal.

Few quick links to try (GO IS ENTER): BU GO FA GO WRAP GO MBBG GO ( my favorite) TOP GO G GO EDIT: GAMS GO (Games =) ) BSP GO (sports) Anish

What exactly are you going to add to your resume? That you’ve seen/used a Bloomberg terminal for one day? I recommend reading a guide before you hop in the driver’s seat–that way you know what it has to offer and can find relevant (to your career) areas to explore.

You can get the bloomberg certification, but that takes some time.



goblue06 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > What exactly are you going to add to your resume? > That you’ve seen/used a Bloomberg terminal for one > day? You might be able to mention that you have exposure in an interview, but to put it on a resume would be a stretch.

Good points. I may get burned putting it on my resume and just using it for one day is not legit at all. Although I could go back as much as I want during the Summer to get a better feel for it. Thanks Anish for that list as well. Would you all agree that this is a good guide to go by? Just found it on Google.

I wouldn’t call Bloomberg intuitive. It took me a few days and couple of training sessions at BB office to get a hang of it. If you are in New York, choose BU, there choose North America, New York, sign yourself up for a few free training session at BB’s office at 59th and Lex. Great office, free snack!

I would learn all of those things plus: API [basically downloading stuff into EXCEL] BBU + already mentioned. AATB - A portfolio attribution tool. WRST + stress testing Willy R + People + my bio. The help function is awesome you just hammer the help key a few times and a live rep comes on line. Willy

anyone know of a simple guide relating to integrating excel & bloomberg ?

API is just a tool that plugs into Excel off of Bloomberg. You have to plug it in manually but the best way to actually learn about how to use it is to go down to BCE place where their big lab is and take a few classes on API. I went to one on like Earnings projections and stuff: not entirely relevant to me but the concept and point was articulated fairly well. Willy

API will tell you what you need to know.

Theo if you want to pull up a cool screen with lots of blinking lights that will impress the chicks at your school, BTMM good overview of lots of markets too.

Or USSW for more blinking lights.

Sweet, just found out my company has a Bloomberg terminal. Hopefully, there will be some useful ways to apply it to my job (multifamily underwriting).

Anyone know what the monthly cost of a terminal is? I hear its 30k a month, is that right?