Book 1 Scores

I have been taking tests from last 2 weeks but do not see improvement. FML! BTW I am repeating this sh!t. Let’s track our scores: Book 1: 1 AM : 42/60 = 70% 1 PM : 45/60 = 75% 2AM: 42/60 = 70%

Good idea, I will post here when I start (hopefully soon!!). Scoring in the 70’s with 7 weeks to go is great, I wish I were at that point right now!!

i got a 63% on Book 1 AM 1 about a month ago. that’s all i’ve done so far though.

I think I got a 76% for book 1 AM 1 a couple of weeks ago…figured I would take one more review though the material before tackling any other tests… Best, TheChad

wow !.. u guys r doing great … i plan to start tests from next weekend…every weekend one test …now onwards

Ridiculous! - this thread is wanting me to go back to mental retardation rehabilitation center from where I was just discharged. I have CFAI Q’s and QBank to go before I do any tests :-((((

Book 6 Test 1 AM 72%

I got a 60 on AM two weeks ago and a 40PM (both book one) this past Saturday (VOMIT inducing). It’s def at least show’d where my strengths ans weaknesses are, which is the point, isn’t it. Worst sections: Quant, Swaps, Currency Best: Equity, Fixed Income, Equity Options, Ethics. Everything else was so so, - I haven’t finished my second read yet. But at this stage in the game, i’m trying to avoid panic.

i caved and took one this AM. book 6 1AM: 81.67% 49/60 but here’s the thing. i went 6/6 here on FCFF/FCFE, but on the 1st CFAI sample went 2/6 on FCFF/FCFE. schweser just gives you FCInv and WCInv and the CFAI makes you work for it. I need to review my wrong answers today- my worst was actually a 3/6 in econ. so while this is all good and well for the confidence, it had no quant, derivs, alts, and PM was an IPS item set. i’m not buying that this is indicative of all that much. it almost reaffirms to me that i need to kiss schweser goodbye for the next 6 weeks and get my &ss kicked by the CFAI texts. hard love. SO HUNGRY.

Guys still way ahead. Good score for everyone 41 days out. Damn.

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took stalla book 1 yesterday AM 76 PM 83 it was wayyyy to easy though. i hope stalla’s exams pick it up cause that thing was a joke.

Not there yet …

gonna study one more week/QBANK then take my first on saturday Goal is above a 70%

awesome Banni. You are sure pass now. I would love to get that kind of score next time I take the exam. CFAI exams are online and they suck as you have to scroll down 100 times to read and mark the answer.

you guys are killing it and still have 6 weeks some poor suckers are going to get screwed this year thanks to you guys jacking up the MPS

Finally got around to my first practice exam! I didn’t see anyone posting scores anymore so if we have another thread going let me know… Book 1, 1AM: 85% I think this one was a bit too easy, and I’m not thrilled that it had the exact same questions as last year since that means none of the new stuff is being tested. I’m sure that being through it once already may have helped boost the score a bit. On the plus side, though, I got an 65% at about the same time last year so that’s a nice improvement!

1 AM: 72 1 PM: 67 2 AM: 70 2 PM: 77

1 AM 73 1 PM 85

1AM: 81 1PM: 81 2AM: 68 sample 1: 73 sample 2: 76 better scores for me also this year, but the 2am exam this AM definitely made me realize i still have a lot of weak sections.