Boston Visit

Hey guys,

I am from Turkey and I am going to visit Boston/New York on Christmas. This will be the first time I will visit USA and I am really excited about my travel :slight_smile: I need some advice where to visit, where to spend time when I am in USA. So guys from Boston and New York can you give me some advices to make my trip perfect.

How long will you be here and what do you like to do?

Wallkahn - a warm welcome to Boston. What dates are you going to be here?

I will be there 26 Dec to 6 Jan. I want to discover the city. Visiting every historical places and the places that is important and beautiful. I want to meet with new people if possible. I actually have some friends there but if I have chance I would like to make new friends. I want to go for NBA match as well. But I guess on Christmas there wont be any match. I want to enjoy night life if there are some and I want to do shopping before leaving. I will also visit some famous universities. Just curiosity :slight_smile:

I was going to say don’t go to Boston during winter, but looks like it is already booked… Harvard MIT are nice to see, but no one will be there due to the holiday. I’m sure there are some other attractions also.

NY will be swarming with tourists. Obviously see some museums - Met or Natural History are the most interesting in my opinion. The former due to Egypt stuff and some epic scale works, and the latter because of dinosaur bones on the 4th floor. The only other thing I really recommend is seeing a Broadway show. It is expensive, but every time, I am impressed and astounded by the talent and how the production is put together.

2nd ohai’s recommendations. If you’re not super picky about which Broadway show you see, get your tickets from TKTS on the day of the show and you can get a pretty good deal usually. You can also try the box office of a particular show 15 or 20 minutes before the curtain drops and potentially get a good deal but you could also be shit out of luck.

Met and Natural history are both awesome museums and you could spend an entire day in each if that’s your sort of thing.

Locals will probably blast me, but getting tickets for the Grayline buses can also be a good way to see the city over a day or two. They’re not cheap, but they let you get on and off at just about every major attraction in the city and can also include discounted tickets for some of the attractions if you want. Walking or the subway is a lot cheaper, but walking all over the city gets tiring and the subway can be confusing.

Edit: All of the above pertain to NYC. I don’t know Boston enough to give any advice except that the area around the aquarium and the Copley (sp?) area are both quite nice.

Museums look awesome. Thank you for suggesting them to me :slight_smile: How much Grayline buses tickets. I have a restricted budget unfortunetely.

^ Not sure how much Grayline is, but I’m sure they have a website with their pricing and discounts if your purchase in advance. There are also several similar companies that might be cheaper. If you’re willing to do some walking and figure out the subways though, you can get around for a couple of days for $20 a person pretty easily. There are a ton of apps that can help with the subway, but I don’t know which ones are the best.

Black Swan is available to show you around the city, just PM him.

Smoke some pot in Mass. They’re cool with that now.

I don’t know, after what that Canadian dude did, I’m scared of buses now.


Black Swan usually has a christmas dinner party for AF members at his estate.

he sends invites by PM usually. send him a PM to get on the list.

If you get a chance, go to a sports game. It doesn’t really matter which sport, they’re all much of a muchness, they take a long time and don’t flow but people bring beer and food to you at your seat so it’s all good. the ability to drink at a sporting event was enough for me.

I went on a duck tour in Boston, quite enjoyed it. Also, go drinking in Irish bars in southie, great craic, it’s not proper drinking unless you’re constantly 1 wrong comment away from a beating.

For NYC, I 2nd the shout for a broadway show, pick something random to get a good deal. You can also get free entry to filming of certain tv shows which is good if you’re on a budget. The NYC city pass thing is good if you want to tick off all the biggies, if you do the Empire State building and the Rockerfeller do 1 during the day and the other at night.

^ If you want the top of the city view of NYC but don’t want to pay for it at Empire State or Rockefeller, have lunch or dinner at the top of the Marriott Marquee on Times Square and just order soup. The restaurant rotates, so you’ll get the 360 degree view by the time you’re done. Big hotels are also your best bet when you need to use the bathroom.

World Trade Center, which just opened, is better than Empire State Building. The building is nicer and newer, there is neat multimedia stuff, and the lines are shorter. Price is about the same.

The benefit of seeing Empire State Building though, is that it is in a central location, and you can go outside onto the balcony. On the 80th floor or whatever that is, it’s pretty scary and windy. Also, Empire State Building is open until 1AM, so if you go at midnight, there will be no line.

Prepare for it to be cold. Check tripadvisor. If I’m around on some of those days, I can probably coax a few AF people to meet up in Boston for a few hours to hang out.

He will give a special massage.

Coincidentally im heading here for dinner tonight (not that you want Turkish cuisine):

BS - impromptu AF meetup to accommodate our brethren from abroad? All he’s gotta do is admit the genocide.

For the record, this flies past humorous and goes straight to tacky. no

That would be interesting to meet up with AF people. Let me know if you decide to organize a meeting. I would like to join you.

I only admit the truth. So in one day if Turkish and Armenian governments agree to open every historical archive and let history experts to investigate and if those experts end up that there was a genocide, I will accept the fact that there was a genocide. But until that time, I cant agree on anything since the truth has not yet been revealed.

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I will search this on the internet. Maybe I can see some of my favorite celebraties. (Hopefully not Trump)