Boy am I down on my luck...

First I get sick 10 days after moving here (Calgary) for almost 3 weeks with a crazy disease, then everything falls to $hit as soon as I start scouting the market again. Looks like I’ll be at your neighborhood Starbucks very soon. No one is hiring it seems, not even the oil companies. Sigh. No regrets though, I need to be here when things get better, and I’m sure then I can get a much better job with a bank or oil company, but boy do I wish I just did this 6 months ago instead of thinking about it, I proably would have had a sweet a$$ job, and even if laid off could get poggy and would have experience on my resume. I’m sure there are plenty of other sob stories on here, partially why I’ve been away.

CFAH, Its definitely a mad world out there with few firms hiring, most firms firing and the streets just litered with CFAs and MBAs. Its nuts. What we are seeing here is a fundamental reprising of risk and everything that goes along with it. I’m sorry about your luck. Willy

Sniff. Out of all the people in the world getting whacked, my heart bleeds most for CFA_Halifax.

It just sucks that so many of us just spent the last 5/6 years struggling tooth and nail to earn some credentials and experience that are - largely - worthless. Willy

why is he so special?

Ya, I had a abdominal disease, long story short I can’t even drink my sorrow away for quite some time…maybe that’s a good thing though LOL! Still it’s hard not to drink when your a Bluenoser… Times will get better, I firmly believe that. For everyone laid off on the street, or people in situations like mine, I always think there is someone in the world worse off. Far worse off. It was Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and for the first time in my young life I truly apreciated it and was thankful for things like family, friends and good health. I think things like this for young guys like me will ultimately build some character…

If you want to chat CFAH you can give me a ring at the office tomorrow. Willy

WillyR Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > It just sucks that so many of us just spent the > last 5/6 years struggling tooth and nail to earn > some credentials and experience that are - largely > - worthless. > > Willy grrrrreeeeaaaaaat

whats your email willyr??

Hali, although I’m rooting for you, I’m still “short” on Alberta. It’s like buying the market in Sept 2007.

Home or office? The office one I’d rather NOT post here. Naturally I don’t want the rest of these low light analystforum imposters to discover that I’m a hugely successful vulture capitalist who heads a firm with global offices, a plethora of CFAs and Harvard Ph.Ds., who report directly to me, and my own collection of exotic formula 1 inspired vehicles from Italy. Willy

Ok well gee now that you said that I’ll have sex with you.

How about I just give you my email: Yeah I know I’m very late to the Alberta party former trader, knew I would be, and the stuff going on now only makes it worse. But what are my other options realistically??? My old job was taking me nowhere in a hurry, and there was no other real potential options on the east coast. Toronto is a mess now too with financial sector getting hit. I’m 23, I can burn a yr or two doing more crap work like I did back east, but I need to build my networks and contacts while doing so, so that when things get better I can get into a good ER, IB or solid oil company job. I can’t do that from Nova Scotia…

CFA_Halifax Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > > I’m 23, I can burn a yr or two i was beginning to feel bad for you until you revealed your age. get better, start hitting that crisp ale as soon as you can drink.

very long time on that. and I probably never be able to booze again like I used to.

Don’t sweat it Hali…sounds like you have a great attitude. I didn’t start working in Finance until I was 30. Was just a good old stock boy at Safeway before that. Took the CGA program while I was there, waited for a buy out, took it and never looked back. You’ve got lots of time. Keep your head up, it’ll all fall into place in time. I guess we’re neighbors now. I’m in BC.

I was born in Calgary, moved to BC a year ago. Welcome to the Western Canada! Hang in there!

thanks gents!!

so, what part of calgary you get a place?

downtown, a block off of 17th, few blocks from Saddledome and Stampede Grounds, and a few blocks south of stephen ave. Great place, same rent as back east amazingly!!!