Brag about your bonus thread

Come on, where is the YE bonus thread??

Just got my numbers today, $72K USD.

It wasn’t a good year for the fund, but ain’t gonna complain. Hell, I remember back when I didn’t even make that much base salary. Now the question is where to invest it, or could blow it on hookers and scotch. indecision

I got company options and 15% of my base.

I’ll brag when one of the funds I work on liquidates, hopefully sometime in 2014. Congrats, $72k is pretty good if you’re pulling those kinds of #s on a down year. Kinda weird to disclose the actual amount…

Naw, I work in Asia now and have been Asianized. :wink:

Americans are always being secretive, like even on the internet, anonymous, they still don’t want to say a number. Who cares? I say brag away, quote figures down to the penny, it’s all good.

Getting it tomorrow. Y’all will know if it’ good or bad based on my demeanor.

I hate that I don’t get my bonus until February. Just breaking your stones alpha, no worries.


That is inhumane.

March here

Dude i swear, wtf. I don’t get mine until Feb either.

72k - well done sir. I suggest you invest in 4 figure hookers and etiquette. Jk playa, i dont recognize your name so welcome to the boys club.

I just realized you were in Korea, maybe you can now treat yourself to a woman instead of those lady boys you been sticking. again, jk alpha, playa

You should upgrade to high end escorts.

Someone with 72K bonus doesn’t go to Mcdonald’s for dinner to celebrate.

if i had 72 k bonus i would hire an asian assistant to post on af for me

Take that to Macau and have a good time.

A lot of people at this fund give notice Jan 1st. If a person had to wait around till March in order to get their money and split, then they’d have to start their 2014 goals, then bail partway thru. Seems messy.

72k usd? fkin hell…how old are you?

Very good, what is the total comp ?


I only get paid next year also. This system sucks, because you spend 2 months in the beginning of the year lingering on last year’s results, rather than concentrating on the next year. Also, since people only quit after getting bonus, anyone who secretly plans to leave the firm has no incentive to do anything until bonus payment, after which they quit.

Feb here too.

completely agree. january is a wasteland - holiday hangover and the “i’m not going to put out this year until i see that my hard work from last year is rewarded” attitude.