anyone know where i can find a breakdown per topic? like individual IPS = x% fi valuation = x% thanks


thanks but was hoping for more detail like where does study session 12 (risk mgmt) fit in? are 14 & 15 just part of PM 45-55 %? etc…

Are you serious?

yes… is there anywhere to find a breakdown of what % each SS equates to on the exam? what % is SS 6? cap mkts the old eco…? if this is somewhere just let me know…if you feel im wasting your time move on and dont bother responding. thanks

I don’t like your tone… And no there is not a breakdown by study session.

then why ask if im serious? and someone else say WOW… just looking for a simple answer thanks

Wow, you must be the life of the party in you circle.

im done with you good bye

The individual IPS question alone has constituted 14% of the exam so it’s sizable.


ChiTown: This information doesn’t exist, otherwise you would have gotten a non-sarcastic reply. Everyone is on edge with the exam leading up so don’t take it so personally. We’re all in this together. Best of luck!

Yea I was just messing around, Ill be taking it at McCormick as well.


sorry guys just burnt out after a long weekend of beautiful weather and too muck %^**! studying

MGG - you know better than to mess with people from Chi - they’re liable to take you out with their HP 12C across the skull…

where are you now? i live in lakeview

we’re all in this together…oh man i’ll cry

itstoohot Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > we’re all in this together…oh man i’ll cry crybaby

I am in California (outside Sacramento). I lived in Lincoln Park area from 1992-2000 - near Diversey and Halsted (near Durkins/Hidden Shamrock etc) for a good amount of the time as well as up by Schubas. Southport/Belmont. I took Level I and Level II in 96, 97 iin Chi and then got half way through studying for Level III and said F-it and went and got bombed at a bunch of cubs games… Its hard to study in Chi when spring has sprung… and the babes are roller blading…