Britishisms used by Americans

Bloody marvelous, innit?

oh blimey charlie ,jolly good show

I’m a big fan of the word shag. I use that tons, because it’s my favorite thiing to do.

One thing I noticed when I came to the US is that no one here says “lorry”. Everyone says “truck”. To me, this was probably the most noticeable deviation from “British” English… other than the missing “u” in neighbour, harbour, etc. And of course, “football”. I haven’t really noticed many of those other things, except when some douche signs all their emails with “Cheers” at the end. It’s normally a woman.

Where are you from originally Ohai?

Not the UK… but elsewhere in the world where we speak “proper” English.

A cigarette is also called a fag in the UK.

Heard on the street of San Francisco many years ago… ‘Can I bum a fag off you, please’?


anf ofcourse the infamous fanny pack

Why give a politician’s answer ? lol

I think Ohai is from the country of Tire Centres and Chesterfields.

…or Narnia.

Presumably ohai is from Singapore or HK. I’m going to go with HK.

Britishism’s that aren’t used: I never see the name “Nigel” in the US whereas it is very common in UK.

used: The word “stumped” is used from time to time here…but it’s a cricket term…

makes sense…evasive attitude + ‘proper’ english = high probability of HK

HK by elimination. They don’t speak proppa English in Singapore. It’s Singlish and it sounds melodious

To be clear they don’t speak proper English in HK either, worse than singapore for sure…so I am tipping Ohai’s family is from HK,moved to US when he was youngish,education/job in US,transformed into a dog after passing cfa.


Bold + proper English sounds like an Aussie to me

so Ohai…who is right? Gdai mite

But for superfluous “U’s” when writing, Aussie English is no more proper than American English.