BSAS '07 Exam

Anybody took it? Would you recommend buying the exam?

I purchased it… well the practice q-bank… like some 700 questions. I think for $100 its a pretty good deal

anyone took the exam today?

I did and found it tough. Scored 70% in AM and 65% in PM. Accounting section was very tough.

Do you think its worth $50? I am torn between taking one of the book 7 tests or BSAS test. btw…I think your scores are great. BSAS has a reputation of being much harder than the rest…great job.

cfaboston28 would you mind putting in the first question of the accounting section from AM and PM ? I had taken the exam in june – want to know if it is the same. Thanks

weird - after the test, the professor said BSAS sample test should be easier than the actual exam. any other opinions? i definitely thought it was structured differently than all the schwesers…not exactly how indicative it is of the actual exam.

yeh just came back from the exam… finished JUST in time…got 70% AM and 77% PM… FSA was very very hard… our exam proctor also mentioned that the actual CFA exam would be harder… which has me worried…

cpk123, heres the first FSA question: AM: Which of the following is least likely to be an objective of financial reporting according to FASB? Provide information: a) on the liquidation value of an enterprise b) that is useful in assessing cash flow prospects c) that is useful in investment and credit decisions d) about enterprise resources, claims to those resources, and changes in them PM: they give you financial statement info (sorry, too long to type out) and ask which ratio did NOT contribute to a decline in ROE.

Bluey 1.8T Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- … our exam proctor also > mentioned that the actual CFA exam would be > harder… > I am shivering all over the place

D?..I don’t think its b or c… scary part is I did SS7 2 days ago.

should be D??

i put D aswell, but the answer is A…

I took the BSAS exam yesterday too…I thought it was MUCH harder than any of the schweser stuff. Especially FSA, but even the asset valuation was harder than I had seen it before. On the other hand, ethics and quant were much easier than I expected. I got a 78% in the AM and 68% in the PM. If the real one is in fact harder, I am screwed.

yeh thats true, i also found asset valuation hard, but did really well in ethics and quant… schweser q-bank q’s are nothing compared to this… has anyone sat the level 1 exam before? how does it compare to BSAS?

Hey Guys, I took it yesterday, I think the Ethics and the Quant questions were not difficult, The FSA stuff was really hard. I don’t think CFA actual exam would be more difficult… especially for calculations, I don’t expect CFAI questions requiring too much calculations as it was the case with BSAS… I got 70% for the A.M session and 70,83 % for the P.M session… I think that 3 hours were enough for both sessions… Good luck for everyone! M.

bsas was more mathematical. The paper distributed in June and now is the same, at least from the 1 question Bluey1.8T provided above. There were quite a few distractors on the BSAS exam like switching the dates around on the top of the chart Like instead of providing Year 1***** Year2 they provided Year2**** Year1 so this if you were not careful ( and I was not) my cash flow statement got totally chewed around, and believe it or not, that answer was also there. so I lost easy points. As regards the actual exam itself, it is not so computation intensive, there are more conceptual problems. Ethics on the actual exam was harder than the BSAS one.

i got a 60% on the morning and a 50% on the afternoon BSAS back in may and passed in june if that boosts your confidence at all…

cpk123- The BSAS exam this time around was exactly the same as the one they provided in May. I checked with them before hand to save the $100 on potential taking the same exact test. rjs

Thanks rjs for that information. I found out using the one question on FSA on each of the AM/PM sections posted above. Best of luck with your exam on Dec 1st. I sincerely pray that you ace the test. Regards CP