BSD: Ferrari in Living Room or Hacksaw: it's only a 360?

BSD until it starts leaking oil, gets bird poop & bugs on it, and dents from other car doors.

There’s a certain line that shouldn’t be crossed, and this crossed it. Hacksaw even though he can afford that.

It’s unique. If you have the cars to do it with then it’s a nice way to integrate function/design.

hacksaw. that’s just screwed up in so many ways. you’re practically looking at your intake while eating, and knowing your car is a few feet above your head while in the kitchen?

i received a letter last night from a local ferrari dealer telling me i needed to bring a car in for a check up.

its weird becaue i dont own a ferrari. it was actually addressed to someone who lived there before me.

i thought he was a BSD, but then i opened it and the model was a 1999 spider and i thought ha, what a tool, who buys a 1999 car. then i googled the price and thought he was a BSD again.

Yeah, I was thinking, won’t the glass garage get dirty? Then I remembered: 1) SInce this is Hong Kong, dude probably has staff to clean that, and 2) Since this is Hong Kong, he probably doesn’t drive the car; apparently, people there buy Ferrari for hotel ornament, and then take a limo.

Also, I notice that the kitchen/dining room set up looks specifically designed for the chef to upskirt people sitting across the table. One point there in favor of BSD rating.

BSD because a multi leveled house of that sq footage in Hong Kong.

This is awesome.


If he got it serviced at Ferrari, BSD, no matter the car’s age. At my last job, I looked in the glovebox of this F430 we took in and he had a $10k+ service invoice for a new F1 clutch and misellaneous other service items. I’ve heard if you want to own one of those cars right, you need to budget like $1 for every mile you drive in maintenance and repairs.

I’m thinking of getting a 2006 Honda Civic. My current car is dying and my mechanic recommends I sell it while I can or I’m going to need a complete engine replacement. I’m giving up. I no longer give a flying f’uck about anything. Screw it. Why not get something with great gas mileage, that’s safe and dependable? The only reason I can think of is because it’s completely anti-BSD. But I just don’t care. I didn’t think I cared before but I was kidding myself. I’d never consider driving a Civic. Now I know what it is to truly give zero f’ucks.

I think it’ll feel great right after this mental breakdown I’m experiencing passes. Oh yeah, did I mention over the last six months my wife got a new car, we replaced our hot water heaters, my air conditioner went out four days ago and my iMac bricked last night?

I need (several) xanax.

Quick krnyc, he needs playful banter

and rust. He needs rust. There are no mechanic problems there.

Is this a Reddit repost? Sweep trolling us again.

I am with STL. I drive a 2004 Tahoe and love it. I have no need for a new car or bigger house. I would rather have the FU money in my pocket. Keep it up STL. The freedom is worth it.

BSD filter right there. Well played STL

Civic is a good car.

At least you still have your bidet.

Oh yeah, and paid-for car > BSD car. Of course, they’re not necessarily mutually exculsive, either…

Everyone is using disposable diapers. Why not disposable automobiles. …a civic certainly qualifies. I would recommend using it more than once though.