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Yo yo yo guys!! What it IS?!?!?!

The work day has just FLOWN by thanks to ABBA.

Lol. It’s great music

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What are you spending your BSD money on? You strike me as a Onewheel XR guy.

prolly avocado toast

I’ve been on a Haddaway kick lately.

Doing pull ups to What is Love got some strange looks

Is avacado toast still avacado toast if you make it yourself though? Or is the breakfast item all of a sudden socially acceptable, so long as your costs from farm to table are less than $5.00 a meal?

nah for real though, I’m paying debt down, and buying a house. I have zero credit card debt right now, and a decent chunk waiting to go on a house. I made an offer for $535K a few weeks ago on this place in cherry creek, but the guy was like “nah bro”. . So maybe in a few more months I’ll get lucky with an even better option.

Would be curious to see what you guys think a property like this is really worth. If you look up the previous sales in that building, and take the weighted average sold price per square foot and adjust it to today’s date, I’m looking at around $550K for this one. But is a 50K price cut realistic right now?

No idea but it doesn’t hurt to just keep low balling and walking away, especially now if you can find stuff that’s been sitting. That said, always do it politely with the “I know it’s worth more but it’s the most I can afford” line.

Also, I’m struggling to reconcile spending $500k on a house with normalized income of <$100k but what do I know.

Decent little spot for sure. ~$500/sq foot… I don’t know the market there at all but take a look at some comparables to get a gauge on the estimated value. Spend some time and create a spreadhseet with the comps… adjust for sq footage, # of baths/beds, location, type of unit etc. I’ve been doing this for some time and can generally get the estimated subject value within 5% of the appraisal report.

I agree with BS though, a $500k mortgage with sub $100k income would be tight. You’re looking in excess of 30% gross servicing ratio, and that’s assuming you have zero other debt (student debt, car…). Also I generally avoid condos, but that’s me. If I were you I’d be looking in that same price range for a detached with a basement unit to offset your mortgage,

I definitely can’t afford a $500K mortgage. But I’m also not taking out a $500k mortgage. :wink:

Bank of Mom and Dad?

I’d prefer if we call it “off balance sheet financing”.


Don’t be a sucker CEO. You take that equity, pull it out through a low interest second mortgage and leverage that into VIX trades in your Fidelity account, 2020 is your year.

If I admit that I’m into Onewheel’s, would you lend me 100 grand?

For real though. I’m starting to believe that luck played a big factor here. Unless the market crashes tomorrow and I have the ability to come back here with another screen print of a $40k Schwab account.

Ay, mijo!!! I still hear “Dancing Queen” at shopping malls to this day!!! :star_struck: :dancer:

During good times, condos are bad. since they are usually the more affordable ones, people start bidding it up. during bad times, they are amazing investments. they usually fall first, and fall the hardest. the hoa fees usually destroy the people who are underwater and they get repossesed and sell at distressed prices.but overall its a nice investment. the hoa fees take care of a lot of maintenance. so its less repairs you gotta worry about. also i think the rule of thumb is like 3 times your income is what you can handle as a mortgage, but you can borrow up to 5x.

So I recently got an Evolve Carbon GTR that is pretty sweet. Probably get a Onewheel next.

I’m really looking into this sort of thing actually. I was steering more in the direction of a scooter to get to/from work. I rode a lyft scooter home from work once, it was only a 24 minute ride. But, what made you go that route instead of like a bike or something. On a scooter I’m not worried about wearing a helmet, but the skateboard makes me a little more nervous, just because I’m better at scooting, but I do admit, skateboards are hella more cool than scooters.

i mean if you can get rid of a car. thats prolly like 800 bucks a month saved.

I just want to go to and from work. The savings is in no longer having to pay $250 for a garage pass just to park at work.

Bikes are cool and I have one I like bumming around to bars on it on weekends, I have a motorcycle which fills the gap nicely and will probably get another. I don’t like all of the kicked up spray from bike tires and risk of catching pant legs for commuting, I also just hate doing it in dress clothes.

There is no realistic scenario as an adult where I own an electric scooter I just hate the aesthetic. So I have the Evolve carbon gtr with whatever the common light kit is on it and it looks sweet at night and is just really really fun to ride. I got it because I’m headed back to a more urban commute so that was something that had always appealed to me. In hindsight I probably would have just gotten like an Ownboard carbon which is a chinese competitor that is about half the price and very very close in performance or the Meepo which is hugely popular. I use the larger rubber wheels which pretty much run over anything. I’ll probably be getting a Onewheel XR soon just to round it out. I think they’re cooler but don’t quite have the range or speed of the better skateboards.