CAIA L2 March Thoughts/Results

Figured us L2 candidates need a place to go to discuss initial thoughts of the test.

I’ll start first: I feel like I’ll be on the cusp of passing. I spent 95% of my study time dedicated to the multiple-choice and just prayed for 15/30 for the essays. A lot of my answers were between two choices, and that initially has me freaked out. I was getting 70-85’s on uppermark’s QBank.

With all these kinds of test that don’t initially give you your results, I think I failed, but I had a much stronger conviction about failing for L1. Hopefully that’s a good sign.

P.S. Corona forced me to reschedule my test for March 16th vs. March 26th. Not fun.

My exam centre cancelled my exam so it looks like I have no choice but to defer. All US and Canada test centres are closed until April. It’s pretty frustrating.

Same here. 09/20 it is

I’m curious how many people were actually able to take it this time around.

luckily I sit on March 16