CAIA L2 March Thoughts/Results

Figured us L2 candidates need a place to go to discuss initial thoughts of the test.

I’ll start first: I feel like I’ll be on the cusp of passing. I spent 95% of my study time dedicated to the multiple-choice and just prayed for 15/30 for the essays. A lot of my answers were between two choices, and that initially has me freaked out. I was getting 70-85’s on uppermark’s QBank.

With all these kinds of test that don’t initially give you your results, I think I failed, but I had a much stronger conviction about failing for L1. Hopefully that’s a good sign.

P.S. Corona forced me to reschedule my test for March 16th vs. March 26th. Not fun.

My exam centre cancelled my exam so it looks like I have no choice but to defer. All US and Canada test centres are closed until April. It’s pretty frustrating.

Same here. 09/20 it is

I’m curious how many people were actually able to take it this time around.

luckily I sit on March 16

Hey guys. Any kind individual have soft copies of either schweser or Upper mark for level 2?

I am guessing L2 results will be next Monday (May 4th) but hoping they are tomorrow given the reduced number of test takers due to COVID19.

Any other guesses?

I called CAIA a few weeks ago and they told me March 27th would still be considered “end of testing period”. Given that, I would expect the results anytime until next Friday.

i am feeling so nervous. how are u guys feeling?

Beyond nervous

Same, very nervous. Did okay on practice exams but walked out thinking it was out of left field.

I was offered a reschedule to the Sept exam thanks to Covid-19, but with so much going on, I decided to gun for it and go for the March exam any way, which I did.

Felt less prepared going into L2 than I did L1, but mostly for personal reasons (loads of business travel in the weeks before, offices in Asia facing various levels of shut down) .

The essay questions in particular were quite heavy on pure memory recall. Which I am fundamentally weak at, and with lack of sleep and a proper study environment, I might just fail on this front.

In any case, the numbers of students that actually took the exam was probably pretty low. Given they use the bell curve to determine pass/fall levels, and with a smaller sample set, it could lead to rather skewed results.

In any case 6 weeks from last exam date would be 8 May. For my Level 1 results, they released my results literally on the end of the 4th week.So I don’t expect them to release sooner.

Good luck everyone!

same here. i am also hoping the smaller amt of ppl this year wld help contribute to the passing rate. all the best! i was quite lucky the singapore offce (where i took the exam) remain open while the rest of the pearson centres were shut in most places.

We are almost 40 days from exam day… the longest ever! I bet on Monday… but still nothing :frowning: - I hope we won’t have any delay due to Covid… Do you remember when was the feedback deadline? I can’t find it in my emails…


This wait has been miserable! I never saw a deadline on the feedback but know this Friday will mark 6 weeks. So…we should have results sometime this week. Hard to understand why it has taken the full exam cycle to get these graded knowing there are substantially less test takers.

Staying tuned for the “results are out” comment

I feel the same way. Was expecting results this morning at 8:30am.
Some people have noted that in the past that certain elements of the website changed prior to results being released. However, I did not notice any differences as of this morning.

Hopefully tomorrow.

Less taker and most probably less reviewers as well :slightly_smiling_face:

Also anxiously waiting for the results to come out.

The city I live in is severely impacted by the virus, but the Pearson VUE center I registered at kept running.

For all of you who went to take the exam at a risk of exposure to the virus, hope it pays off! Good luck everyone!

I am also waiting for the results, checking the homepage every 4 hours, even if there will be an e-mail notification. I honestly have a 50/50 feeling, had some troubles with some questions, and the preparation weeks were a little confusing during the time, when the corona lockdown was beginning.

Me too, checking homepage… still nothing :frowning: