CAIA - Level 1 Results

Hello everyone,

I have actually been reading the CFA and CAIA analyst forum since December 2015 as a “creeper”, but this board has helped me so much that I feel it is my duty to join and do the same. My question right now is for Level 1 - results for CAIA. Do they generally come out exactly three weeks from when you wrote it, or is it sometimes earlier?

Just saw this and posted in the “CAIA L1 Exam Experience” I am curious as well, I have heard in some cases it is as early as 2 weeks out.

It will most prob be out by the 11th next week

We have the website update at midnight… any thoughts on the results being posted then? I think in the past it was around 10-11 am the next day after the holiday but curious to hear if anyone has heard any whispers of it coinciding with the new website

Checked at midnight. No results.

I’m still up haha… does it say you have already registered for an exam when you click on your email in the top right?

yes, it says you have already been registered for Spring Level I in 2017 (or something), even if I did not register at all…lol

thank god haha… didn’t know if that was a bad sign or not

did you get the same? If you then once again click on the mail, you should be routed to your profile…

I actually clicked on my profile at exactly 12:01 and all it said was “you are registered for spring 2017 level 1”. Lol hopefully that doesn’t mean I’m on some beta fail list hahaha

Yeah we’re all in the same boat… so I think we’re safe for now… hopefully

Ya profile is back up. No pass fail yet.

Looks like the same website as before. Ill try again in the morning. This has been a hellish waiting excersise.

goodluck to you all :slight_smile:

You should get an Email once results are available including link to your result. So there should no need to look at the page and press reload every 20 secs.

At least it was this way in March…

Think is a good sign that to see the message “you are registered for spring 2017 level 1”, it means they don’t allow you to register for the level 1 exam and hint that you have pass

i dont know about that. Mine says registered for L2 spring as well

But did someone above said that the result should be out on the 11st Oct, which is a few hours away when NY opens.

i said that as registration opens today for L1

Do we know for sure today is results day? When I login mine also says I am registered for Level I in Spring. I sure hope I am not… I don’t remember paying that $1000 exam fee again… lol

My Level 1 results came out on April 11th this year…and I sat for the exam on March 23 (which was the last day of the exam), 19 days after my exam. I suspect the L1 results will be out by this evening (18 days since the last day of the exam) or probably tomorrow, going by the results of the first sitting. All the best to everyone