CAIA - Level 1 Results

The wait is killing me!

Anyone get an e-mail yet?

Nothing yet here.

Its definitely results week. I just assumed its coming out today as registration is open for new candidates

For those that did the re-take exam, when you go to register for an exam what is it defaulting to?

Honestly losing my mind, can’t focus at work just keep checking the site/email

I sent an email to the institute asking when the results are due. They said it’ll be coming out on the 14th of this month.

I wish they would announce a release date publicly or send an email to candidates so we don’t have to sit around and wait. CFA does a good job sending an email a week or two prior saying when results will be released.

The 14th is the 3rd week out, that’s when it will for sure be out. Did they said specifically on the 14th or by the 14th?


I was too impatient . I was expecting it to come out today. I sent an email and also tweeted to them. To the email I got a reply that its “targeted for release on 14th October” . To the tweet it was “by 14th October”. So I guess its open for interpretation .

Don’t worry about being impatient, I’ve checked the website at least 50 times since Friday so you’re prob doing better then me. Just wanted to see if there is still hope we find out today, need it so I can move on with my life.

I also got the message "You have already been registered to Spring 2017 Level II " when I have not register anything and waiting for the result. But isn’t anyone who have not sat the Sept 16 exam can now register for the next spring’s exam in theory?

Haha. Pretty much the same case with me.

My account says ‘You have already been registered to Spring 2017 Level I’ - so what’s the difference then between me and you?

I gotta ask this, so do some people have “you have already registered for level 2” and other people have “you have already registered for level 1”?

i think that is now gone, not showing any exam registration info anymore

Sorry guys, I just sat the level 2 exam and I am waiting for the level 2 results.

Why does it take 3 weeks to determine an appropriate bell curve? It’s not like the test is done on paper. It should take at most 1 week for l1 and 3-4 werks for level 2

Considering some ppl said registered for l1 and others said l2 I’m pretty sure it is an error with the website leaking the pass/fail info. As of now I am proceeding thinking I failed based on being registered for l1 in the spring. Getting back to work.