CAIA Level 1 Sep. Exam

Hi, guys,

is there anyone who finishes the Level 1 Exam for Septemeber? How do you feel about this exam? Does the Risk and Portfolio Management cover on the exam?


How did you find Caia level 1 sept exam?I expected the exam to be easier than it was. Lots of tricky questions and much more difficult than Kaplan mocks.

I just finished the online sample exam and the result is not good, does the exam is harder than the sample exam? I will attend tomorrow’s exam.

I am writing the exam in a couple of weeks. I just finished the first 2 Kaplan mocks. The first one was pretty easy and the second one was a little more difficult. Planning on buying the UM testbank with the feedback I have gotten so far about the actual exam.

Does anyone know when results will be released?

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after the last of the examination within three weeks

Thanks. I cant even find when that was. I wrote on the 14th of September, but they never republished the revised window.

I had this message from CAIA;
because of the extended exam windows and the addition of online proctored exams, we anticipate Level I grades to be released no later than October 28; and Level II grades to be released no later than November 26. Thank you! If you have any further questions, please email

Thanks FDLavoie. October 28th! Wow. Thats insane. Surely the window didnt go all the way into October. Disappointing, but not much we can do about it.