L2 Results

Those signs were bogus to me last year

Anyone got result for CAIA L2 Sept ?

nothing yet… I saw someone post on Reddit the results would be released by Nov 26th… the wait has been awful.

Nov 26th!? I’m already checking 10 times a day…

Same… Today would be 6 weeks since I sat for the exam…

Refer to FDLAVOIE’s comment posted on the following topic regarding the release date.

Since Nov 26 is Thanksgiving I’m hoping results come out next week, but that’s just wishful thinking. Either way, glad we’re in the home stretch…

There is a good chance the results will be out today ( Last year it was published on the 4th) so giving a week extra for covid is reasonable

I think it would probably be next week… L1 was significantly delayed so I image L2 would be the same.

Do they have a favorite week day that they usually announce the results on ?

If they said 26th at the latest…then it’s going to be closer to the 26th.

I failed L2 last fall and they posted it on a Thursday… I think it’ll be next week before we know

L1 was released on oct 28th (wednesday)… Thinking it could be tomorrow or next wednesday nov 18th.

i guess it could be any day

Lets hope for next Monday Nothing as of today

I feel like they typically release the results in the afternoon EST

The wait for the results is awful. The results are out generally at late mid night in my timezone so having sleepless nights. Anyway I think it’s worth the wait. Let’s just wait and see when those are out. By the way anybody got in touch with CAIA team to get the official expected date for the results?

I expect CAIA would release until 24th. CAIA staffs probably want to enjoy thanksgiving.

I feel pretty confident that it will be next week. From my experience when they say “4-6” weeks after exam it is typically released on the 5th week. With a backstop of november 26th next week seems likely.

Shall we say ticktock ?