CAIA Level 2 Exam - September 2021 - How did it go?

I saw stats somewhere which showed how many candidates took L2 exam and how many passed by various years. When 81% passed, there were only around 200 candidates, which was an unusually low number. Usually, around 1000 candidates sit the L2 exam in each session. Perhaps CAIA budgeted a higher number of L2 passers that year, so they decided to pass as many as they could :laughing:
I am under impression that during the last session fewer people took the exam. However, that 81% was an odd outlier and I doubt we will see such a higher pass rate again. Good luck!

I don’t think they passed people for purpose and think it was a stronger candidate pool - exam is not extremely popular such as CFA program. I feel the same - the number of candidates is low and that’s surprises me that it takes so long to release results. For CFA program the early years they had a high passing rate due to the strength in the candidate pool. Recently, the numbers were extremely low due the more candidates, who lack required discipline to pass it. I expect this time the numbers for CAIA to be high driven by strong candidates.

Guys, look out for signs of exam results. If someone is invited to join the membership via their member profile page, let us know :grin:

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Too funny you mentioned that, I just was going to say I noticed the “My Memberships” box is on my profile bag. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before, or just never noticed.

my account page cant be loaded…

Had issues with web-site today and they may loaded data to the web-site. I have a box “my membership” but not sure if its new or not…

I have just noticed this box too, should have been existing since day 1???

New or not, it doesn’t seem to mean anything. I’ve created a new account and I can see the same membership page in the exact same format

Sounds it doesn’t mean anything and we have to wait until Monday to get results released. Doubt that it happens before. Survey said it was mid-November, so Monday looks like the day.

I am pretty much sure that we should get the results on 15th or before. The latest email that I received from them said the results will be released by Mid-November.

I can’t imagine how I am going to work on Monday while keep on refreshing my profile every 5 minutes :joy:

It should be in the morning but I am getting ready to see an email and have a small heart attack before I see results :rofl: the worst thing is when you are in the middle of something and get notification of an email - I did the worst mistake before by setting up my work email​:grimacing:

You will get an email notification about 30-60 minutes after the results get published online. It was like this for L1 results. Knowing this, I will be refreshing my profile rather than waiting for the email :sweat_smile:

a week to go, good luck everyone!!!

Saw a response from CAIA on reddit saying that the results are going to be next week. In other words, this week is definitely off the table and there is a higher chance that Monday is not the day, so its either Monday or Thursday (based on previous releases).

Literally going to march with a picket sign if results aren’t out Monday. This timetable is totally ridiculous.

Agree with you, it was up to 6 weeks from the last exam date and it will be 8th week next Friday. With other exams, such as CFA exam, you know when the results are, which is annoying.

someone from my study group called and said that it will be released on wednesday (not Monday).

That will be 7.5 weeks from the last exam date. Definitely “up to 6 weeks”:rofl: at least they are not planning to release it on thanksgiving.

This has been the longest week ever, lol.
I actually signed up for another exam next Friday to distract myself a little, but it doesn’t seem to help :joy:

Sipping on my coffee refreshing my browser every few minutes. What about you guys? lol