CAIA Level 2 Exam - September 2021 - How did it go?

Hi guys,
Now that Sep’2021 exam window is closed, what are your thoughts on how well did it go?
I took mine yesterday and I thought that MCQ part was more difficult than the CR part.
There were too many i,ii,iii or ii,iii,iv,v questions which caused most of the frustration and at times I caught myself thinking this isn’t going to end well…

MCQ started well for me. Then Anna and Bob happened! 6 weeks countdown for the results. Good luck to all!

Good luck everyone👍

looks like it will take more than 6 weeks to release results?

why do you think so? Historically, they have always been released within 6 weeks. I have seen a post on this forum where someone did do some research on when level 2 results were released and in all cases (sort of last 5-6 exams) they were either 38th or 39 days from the last exam. My guess is they will be released mid-week from 1st of November. Good luck to everyone!

I just read the following two posts and found out.

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Anna and Bob hapenned :joy: Yes, that part was tough!!

Oh geezzz yes, Anna and Bob. I feel sorry for any future Anna and Bob’s I meet.

Exam was ok I think. That CR was something of the left field (at least for me). The MC was ok I think but I’ll hold reservations. I studied with Schweser and used UpperMark Qbank problems. Not sure if that’s the best approach but it is what it is.

Fingers crossed for all of you. Would you recommend Schweser or Uppermark to prep? I did use Schweser for L1 and would ideally stick to that

Schweser’s online class is better than UM, but UM Qbank is better than Schweser IMO. If you have the means, continue with Schweser and get the UM Qbank. If you have to choose between the two, I’d suggest go UM - don’t spend too much time on the online class, just focus on the materials and Qbank. Take my advise with a pinch of salt though as I’m still waiting for my results. We’ll know in a few weeks time. Fingers crossed. Good luck!


I’ll let you know in a few weeks!

As per the CAIA survey, results are expected to be released mid-November. Hopefully results won’t be like the CFA’s recent pass rates which is at all time low. Good luck to all of us!

Good luck friends! Fingers crossed that you all got this :+1:

It’s seems highly likely that CAIA will release L2 results on 15th November. They asked to complete the survey by 13th November, meaning don’t expect it by 13th November. made a call (and they seem to be right most of the time) that L2 results would get released on 15th November: When Are CAIA Exam Results Released? And Other FAQs - 300Hours

Fingers crossed. I think I only have 50/50 chance of passing, so certainly will be nervous on the day. Good luck to everyone!

There has been another email from CAIA asking to complete the survey by midnight on 12th November. However, this time the email said that scores were due to be released BY mid-November, which is different from just “mid-November” that they had previously referred to. I hope they actually meant it rather than used both timepoints interchangeably :smiley:

It tells me that it will be released on Monday, 15th. If we have a survey deadline before Friday midnight, it means that they will not release it before the deadline, otherwise, survey results will be biased and driven by results. I took my exam on September 13th, so the wait is little bit too long…

Sherxami, how did you find the exam? I’ve been wondering what the majority of candidates think about the level of difficulty of Sep’2021 L2 exam, as it may give an indication of the curve, i.e. whether the minimum passing score will be under 70% or not.
Surprisingly, this thread is very inactive! :thinking: maybe that’s due to many candidates being confident of scoring over 70%, who knows :slight_smile:

Multiple Choice question was not hard but it may be because I didn’t notice a few tricks in the question. I had couple questions I had no idea, like with commodities - I knew the concept but no answers didn’t match, had to make an educated guess. Essays were not hard but not sure if it was enough to pass. Overall, was confident but with every single day my confidence goes away and I feel that I may have missed something. I was not the best performed on Schweser exams - got 75 on both, so it adds some doubts. Let’s see how it goes on November 15th.

By the sound of it, you nailed it! :slight_smile:
After L1 exam I knew I passed because the exam wasn’t difficult for me. I was Higher in all areas but one when I saw my results. However, L2 was a lot harder for me. I skipped some calculation questions because I didn’t have enough time to do them. The last 20 questions I answered in 19 minutes or so. So I feel that I could have scored only within 63-67 range. If the real minimum passing score is 65% I may have a chance. If I fail, I really don’t want to go through it again :grimacing:
I really hope that pass rate will be along the historical average of cir.68% in which case I may be the borderline passer maybe :see_no_evil:
Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

MPS may be high or may be low. One of the exams had 81% passing rate and it may look that exam is easy but it’s very niche exam and you can get many CFA charterholders taking it, given the pleasure to skip level 1. On the other hand, the pool may consist also many people taking it easy or sales people/investor relations, who may not be technical savvy. I didn’t take any exams for a long time - I have CFA, FRM, CIPM behind my back so failing CAIA may add some pain given that my manager knows I took it and he told me that it was very easy😬
Let’s keep fingers crossed - it takes only 1 more week. The worst case scenario I will have to retake it.