CAIA Level 2 Exam - September 2021 - How did it go?

Hi guys,
Now that Sep’2021 exam window is closed, what are your thoughts on how well did it go?
I took mine yesterday and I thought that MCQ part was more difficult than the CR part.
There were too many i,ii,iii or ii,iii,iv,v questions which caused most of the frustration and at times I caught myself thinking this isn’t going to end well…

MCQ started well for me. Then Anna and Bob happened! 6 weeks countdown for the results. Good luck to all!

Good luck everyone👍

looks like it will take more than 6 weeks to release results?

why do you think so? Historically, they have always been released within 6 weeks. I have seen a post on this forum where someone did do some research on when level 2 results were released and in all cases (sort of last 5-6 exams) they were either 38th or 39 days from the last exam. My guess is they will be released mid-week from 1st of November. Good luck to everyone!

I just read the following two posts and found out.

Anna and Bob hapenned :joy: Yes, that part was tough!!

Oh geezzz yes, Anna and Bob. I feel sorry for any future Anna and Bob’s I meet.

Exam was ok I think. That CR was something of the left field (at least for me). The MC was ok I think but I’ll hold reservations. I studied with Schweser and used UpperMark Qbank problems. Not sure if that’s the best approach but it is what it is.

Fingers crossed for all of you. Would you recommend Schweser or Uppermark to prep? I did use Schweser for L1 and would ideally stick to that

Schweser’s online class is better than UM, but UM Qbank is better than Schweser IMO. If you have the means, continue with Schweser and get the UM Qbank. If you have to choose between the two, I’d suggest go UM - don’t spend too much time on the online class, just focus on the materials and Qbank. Take my advise with a pinch of salt though as I’m still waiting for my results. We’ll know in a few weeks time. Fingers crossed. Good luck!

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