CAIA Level 2 Exam - September 2021 - How did it go?

someone on reddit said he had spoken with VP of the CAIA, who told him the results would be released on Wednesday. not expecting anything to happen until then

Couple people noted that it will be released on Wednesday and looking on the previous release dates, it should be Wednesday at least. Still, there is a slight chance that we get it later if they hit technical issues. Anyway, at least we know the X day and its easier. Somehow I am less anxious about results than I was two weeks ago.

Thats kind of dumb though. Why tell a candidate at a conference and not make that public info that it’s coming out on Wednesday. Sounds like an ethics breach ha.

True) Sounds like a material non-public information) Public information says “mid-November”…

Hi. Just spoke to the CAIA centre. The result will be notified on Wednesday morning.

Their communication (or lack thereof) is really unimpressive. I fully intend to write them a nasty email once I get my results.

I guess Wednesday it is ladies & gents! May the force be with you!

They made update on the web-site today and as usual it’s again vague “middle of the weak”:rofl: why can’t just give us date?!:grimacing:

The day has come. Good luck to all of us! :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


Thoughts on timing during the day that results will be released? I keep refreshing :upside_down_face::grimacing:

I have read that it can be 10:30 am but before some were getting results at 1:30pm. It can be a long day and even worse than waiting for the magical “middle of the week” in the “middle of November” after “up to 6 weeks”. Now, I am not sure I am happy that I know the date of release)

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I can’t focus on my work :joy:
Playing Ed Sheeran album to distract myself from refreshing the website every 2 minutes :joy:
A year ago, I got my L1 results around 11 AM ET, so another couple of hours of wait maybe

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Ha thanks. Pins and needles over here

Agreed. Between refreshing the results window, checking this forum, and checking CAIA reddit I think I’ve been pretty good at keeping myself busy. It’s very nerve-racking.

I’m on a zoom conference and struggling to pay attention.

Glad I’m done with all my reporting this morning. Just sitting at home biting my nails right now :rofl:

ETA 30 min

Keep an eye on your Membership Status. I read from old posts that people started seeing invitations to join the membership around 30 minutes before they got the results online.
This will surely add an extra routine to your morning wait :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just dont look into email if you are on the call. If you receive an email during the call, you will be lost. Happened to be once)

I think they have fixed that issue. I am sure that results are already in the system and will start sending emails soon unless they have a crash.

My membership status is still “non-member”

I guess I’ll start tracking that too! Thanks!