CAIA Level 2

It is crunch time guys! I am now studying the articles for CAIA L2. I find them supa dupa dupa boring!!! I am literally really really struggling. Any one with any recommendations? I am studying the main text…

The articles aren’t too bad. I’m using Uppermark and it’s testbank and am running into extremely specific questions I hope aren’t on the exam. Have been scoring a bit under 70% which worries me a bit. I wonder how comparable Uppermark questions are to the actual exam, harder/easier/same. Anyone have insight?

Same story here. From my L1 experience the Uppermark was way too on the difficult end, but the Kaplan QBank was too on the easy end. I ended up studying both, trading off every other day and I came out OK, so I’m doing the same here for L2.

Did anyone start answering the actual CAIA exams online and Uppermark Final Prep exam? How was it?

Just about to start.

May I take this opportunity to wish all those taking CAIA L1 and L2 the very very best. Stay calm and slay it. Share your experiences after you do the exam. Mine is on the 16th :slight_smile: The very best to all

Lets do this!! This is my second go around so feeling like I just want to get this done already!

Hi all,

Wondering how every felt in the exam. (please dont discuss questions).

I found the exam extremely tough and put in over 300 hours studying. I really hope it pays off on results day in October.

Read articles and used schweser. read material a few times.

Agreed, the MC questions are tough…

Was this your first attempt ill2000m?

yes how about u ?

yes same here

The MC questions were very tough for me too… First time Level II

I have not written the exam since 2011.

But i will attempt finishing cfa next year

I thought the exam overall was pretty difficult as well. MC questions were tough and thought wording on some of the Q’s were pretty confusing.

I remember feeling the same way about Level I so maybe that’s just how the exam is designed.

I used Uppermark and was getting mid 80s on all the MC practice exams. If I passed Level II I’m sure it was right on the border.

Any thoughts on the potential curve? I know it’d just be speculation, but from what I have heard, the consensus is that the curve is somewhere around 65% (again just people guessing).

CAIA says aim for about 70 to be safe. But agree it was really tough

Ola all, first congratulations for taking L1 & L2. I am sure it has been an interesting journey. I found the L2 exam difficult as well…but not as difficult as I thought it would be. It seems they are trying to bring down the pass rate further? I dont know. But I was so sure I had flanked L1 and ended up passing it. So going by that (they will use the normal curve I presume) maybe we stand better chances than we think.

My $0.02, for those that will take L2 in the next sitting, make sure to go through the material well…very well. And including the case studies…because the questions come directly from there. Then I cannot overemphasize going through Uppermark. To be honest, if I pass this, it will be because I went through Uppermark questions at least twice and made notes where it was necessary. I felt there were some repeated questions which helped a lot.

The very best of wishes to everyone!!

The pass rate has been high above 60% overall. Touched 70% in March

MC was easy I thought, Essay was a little bit tougher. I expected it to be easier though.

did you all have a lot of time left in each session?

I found the mc and essay tougher than what I expected coming in

I had about 15 minutes left for each section. That said, I had also skipped a few and marked a bunch-- so I ended up having to guess on a couple equation questions that were too time consuming.