CAIA Level I results are out...

I passed…

atta boy!

I didnt know that you are also taking the exam, doworkson?

I passed too, woo hoo. Easy exam, yes, but I learned a LOT.

I didnt find it easy as had to put around 150 hours…It is as hard as level I.

True, it wasn’t THAT easy. Furthermore, “easy” may mean different things for passing, for acing, and how much of a perfectionist you are. I don’t mean to diminish the CAIA by any means, it is a great program.

Also, if I hadn’t done CFA Level 1 before CAIA Level 1, then the latter would have been extremely difficult…so I shouldn’t have even said easy.

I agree…Schweser notes assume that the reader has done Level I of CFA and currently pursuing Level II. If one doesnt know CFA stuff, he will surely fail by reading only Schweser notes.

great. now you guys can fix the market.

needhelp Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > great. now you guys can fix the market. If gov’t cannot how can we?

wel what the heck did you just pass the fucking caia level 1 for? the nerve on these kids these days.

to imply short selling strategies for hedge funds … FYi…I didnt pass my PhD exam in economics…

Why is everyone so against the CAIA? I just don’t get it. I never thought nor did I ever imply that the CAIA would allow me to fix the markets, become a billionaire, or gain a superior edge in job placement compared to anyone here. I am just very interested in alternative investments as a complete outsider to both AI specifically and finance in general, and thought it would be, along with the CFA, a de facto starting point (more in terms of knowledge as opposed to the designations themselves). That is all. If you don’t like it…well, no one is forcing you to study for the CAIA exams. Heck, I might not even get the designation once I finish both CAIA exams. What’s important to me is the value of the knowledge that I have gained.


Do you need work experience in order to obtain the designation?

yes one year of work exp in related field…

Congrats, guys.

thanks wolf

I PASSED!!! damn, i honestly thought i failed. well, man, what a relief. CAIA scores out, 2 interviews, market blows up, and Red sox keep me up late - : ) CONGRATS TO OTHERS THAT PASSED!!!

congrats daj, cfaboston and sublimity. keep up the good work.