Is this just noise or is there any risk of it happening?

One thing that’s struck me is how totally disjointed the US is, personally I think it’s only a matter of time before it starts to break up.

I hereby rename New York State as the State of East California.

The last time there was an attempt to secede was 1860. It didn’t work out so well for those who tried it.

It’s not really possible. But, having a close relative that lives in SF, they really are pissed. And, I find it all pretty funny. They didn’t get their way and are so disgusted with the “hicks” that voted for Trump they want to pick up and leave. If they really wanted to make a difference, you stay and contribute to your local community. Make a difference where you can. It’s not like Trump is going to turn California into some fascist state. Nothing is going to change.

Fucking whining ass liberals. Don’t get their way and the sky is falling. Conservatives lose and it’s because they’re wrong and unenlightened. God I hate the fringes.

Is CA energy self-sufficient? I assume the other industries are there to be a stand-alone nation, but am not sure they can supply their own energy needs. I’m certainly happy to sell it to them, but it won’t be cheap.

Im with you to an extent and I have been saying on here how the conservatives have been acting like the apocalypse would occur if HRC won which was ridiculous, the same holds true for DT. While I think he is already prepping to be one of the presidents with the worst environmental records its not like the world as we know it will end.

Whats fun is this formula I made. A = side that lost the election, B = side that won the election. A: “Awww man this is the worst I am going to leave the country nothing will ever be the same” B: “All you [insert liberal/SJW/Socialist/fascist/nazi]'s do is whine when you dont get your way” You will see this play out 100/100 times, it was seen in 2000, 2004, 2008 & 2012 so its hardly a shock it happens in 2016. In fact election day I saw people posting videos of them strapping on their guns to get ready in case HRC won, which would be an overreaction at best as well. Its like dealing with an emotional teenager & pretty comical to watch. BTW sweep wtf happened to Gary, very disappointed in his performance in the end but still glad I didnt vote for HRC or DT.

You don’t need to have your own oil to burn it…

It appears as though when asked by pollsters, most of the people that said they’d vote for GJ actually voted for Trump when it came down to it. It’s funny that people were so embarrassed at the thought of voting for Trump they lied on phone surveys. Oh well. Hopefully next cycle the Libertarians put up a candidate that’s a bit more “presidential.”

CA has major water (shortage) issues.

Yea that is pretty hilarious, its a shame at least GJ was a level headed guy although certainly he had plenty of flaws. Anyone I should be on the lookout for next election cycle from the party? Dems got a pretty thin bench and its looking like Cotton or Ryan from the repubs in the future

Turd. That’s why we haven’t heard from him. He’s mobilizing his 2020 campaign.

Ryan is too nerdy to be a POTUS. Cotton maybe, but after 8 years of Trump, political winds will be different. I’m still going with my boy Eric Greitens (who I’ve been touting for years) as the future GOP pick.

Unless Trump comes out as a very moderate populist, there’s no way he gets another term. There was even hope among the right that Hillary would win because the likelihood the economy swings back into recession in the next four years is very high. Wouldn’t matter who the President is. It’s just that time in the business cycle. The right would have used the worsening economy to their advantage and Ryan would run away with it.

Now…who knows? The closest thing I can think of to this is when Arnold was elected Governor of CA. The left was really pissed then too, but it turned out Arnold was able to work with (nearly) everyone and did some very good things for CA. Perhaps Trump will be like Arny.

Maybe TF has accepted a position in the Trump Administration in HUD. We won’t see him for at least 4 years.

Id gladly take someone who at least has an ounce of common sense in his bones like Ryan over a staunch prick like Cotton. If Ryan plays hardball with Trump over the next 4 years he may be able to pull a lot of middle America and be a tough candidate to run against. Agreed though Cotton would be the more traditional candidate with his fire & brimstone style.

Trump won’t be a 2 term president. If he even makes it through the first term (a big if), he’ll want to go back to running his company after 4 years and won’t run for re-election.

I’m sure Cruz will run again and Rubio got 400,000 more votes on Tuesday than Trump, so he rose from the dead. I’d like to see Nikki Haley make a run. I suspect the democrats will have at least a dozen folks throw their hats into the ring. Libertarians should start courting Mark Cuban.

Yeah the economy could be teetering over the next few years, but it’s unclear who the Democratic bench is. Maybe Bernie will have his revenge…(probably not).

This is highly improbable! It’s not like Brexit where the UK only relies on the union for some trade treaties. California would have to design a whole new government from scratch and disrupt their entire economy and way of life in the mean time. California has never been an independent country, unlike UK (which is an independent country), and was not even part of the EU until fairly recently (within some people’s life times).

Furthermore, Democratic politicians will do everything in their power to stop this. California seceding would be an apocalypse for the Democrats in the remaining states. Everything would be won by the GOP, and the country will drop into Ted Cruz’s lap. Ok, maybe SF leaves to make some kind of vague point. You just doomed all other blue states to an eternity of Bush rulership, and conservatives will have even greater influence over the remaining US and the world.

The only way something like this could happen is if everyone suddenly became Libertarian and voted Peter Thiel as their overlord.

TLDR: Millennials, amiright??

Corey Booker, Julian Castro, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, Tim Kaine, and Elizabeth Warren are stone cold locks to declare. Sherrod Brown, Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio likely announce as well.

Does anyone know what safeguards there are against Donald playing favorites with his company? Have we ever elected a man who was actively closing deals & working with his company in recent history. Seems like a blurry line and I dont want to end up with another Cheney in office or the wall will be painted a tacky 1980’s gold with TRUMP all over it

Booker was the Trenton guy right? He was pretty charismatic but idk anything about his policy. Warren is the giant in the room for dems, I can see her getting a massive backing from the bernie crowd