Can I say "CFA charter pending" on my resume?

Can I say “CFA charter pending” on my resume? Passed all 3 exams and will have my charter soon, but don’t yet. Since on the website, they have a line for Status, and next to it, it says “CFA charter pending”, I would assume it is acceptable to put state about myself - “Passed all 3 CFA exams, CFA charter pending.” if it makes any difference, i would not graft this after my name, I would put it on it’s own line. sound right?

found my answer with search. appears to be yes.

Yes you can. I recall this issue in the curriculum. I’m guessing you didn’t pass bec of ethics.

Why would one even need to know this if they didn’t pass? IIRC, the OP did pass.

Your safest bet will be “Pass all 3 level of CFA exams”

I had to go to Urban Dictionary to find out what IIRC means. I feel so old. Just to stay on topic, I believe Charter Pending is the preferred way to express you’ve passed all three levels but have not yet been awarded the charter. I’m really just saying that because that’s what I used.

Incorrect. While the CFAI shows a “Charter pending” status on their intranet for candidates that have passed L3, the CFAI has specifically stated that L3 passers may not identify themselves as “Charter pending”. In any case Iteracom, I don’t think you’re in any position to be sassing those of us that actually PASSED the L3 exam back in June.

Must be that time again. Don’t open a can of hate yo

Oh, it’s that time again: Time for you to ponder RRTTLLU once more. Seriously, finish this freakin thing off already.

Wendy your cycle is throwing you all off - Charter Pending is legit.

Do you guys have any written references to back up what you are saying, or are you just speculating? Because I actually looked in to this in the past, and based on what I could find concluded that “Charter Pending” is Not Allowed. I haven’t actually written to the CFAI myself, but this seems kind of convincing:

It is questions like this that makes me consider not using CFA after my name.

yes, charter pending is acceptable. I used it on my resume and it worked. so don’t worry. most ppl don’t know the difference anyways.

Hmm… I remember looking for that info and not being able to find a definitive answer. I didn’t bother to ask CFAI because it turned out that they accepted my work experience and for me the point became moot. But I saw enough people using it and enough suggestions that it was valid that I remember thinking it was valid. If it’s a violation, it’s clearly not a major one, or else it wouldn’t be so darned hard to get an answer to this. They’re very clear about when to use CFA. They’re very clear that you can’t say you’re a candidate until you’ve paid up. But they’re not clear about this other issue anywhere except when you email them. You’d think that only one or two people in the history of the program have ever had this question, when in fact, it’s probably one of the most pressing questions that comes up year after year.

hopefully any of you that stated “charter pending” is acceptable are not current charter holders. This is NOT accepted and you CANNOT lead people to think that you will have the charter or will get the charter, as the CFA institute ultimately decides with exams and WORK EXPERIENCE (if they are applicable). Finishing 3 of the exams is just one part, there are others on top of work experience including their university check, your pledge, membership dues, criminal checks etc. These are all factors that will be looked before they award the charter. There’s no way you can put charter pending, only “Passed all 3 CFA exams”; that’s really the only part of what you have completed. For those who are charter holders and said it’s okay. Go back and re write level 1 as that’s where you learn it. Cause if that’s the case, then a CFA Candidate writing level 1 exam can also put “Charter Pending”. Exam is only a portion of the requirements.

The CFA institute has clearly stated in many different forms that you cannot write such things as CFA Excepted 2011 etc. or anything that would indicate you will get the CFA charter. just changing the word from “expected” to “pending” doesn’t change the fact that you are indicating you will get the charter sometime down the road. The decision is solely on the institute and it’s not for the individual to state “pending” as it leads people to think they will get it no matter what. Thus it is not allowed. But knowing people on this forum, once CFA says you can’t use “CFA Pending” people will just change it to “CFA Upcoming” or “CFA Forthcoming” and then questioning it a 1000 times and blame the CFA institute for not being clear.

Last I checked, it’s possible to get the charter without getting every single ethics question correctly. And getting an ethics issue wrong isn’t necessarily a reason to have a charter revoked, unless it involves malice, clear intent to deceive, or gross damage to third parties. I don’t see any of those issues cropping up here. So let’s not get too indignant on what are essentially technicalities.

WOW… what a joke! Bashing someone when you are incorrect yourself. A classic!!! “CFA Pending” - so what exactly are people pending? Work Experience? Membership Dues? Criminal record to be cleaned? You are a joke iteracom, don’t make fun of people when you are ignorant

Maybe leading people to believe that you will get the charter is considered “clear intent to deceive”.

Good thing it’s illegal to say “Patent Pending,” because no one realizes that patents can be denied, or that the pending process can take an indefinite length of time. You can certainly say “CFAI Lists my status as Charter Pending,” since that is simply factual information, and that is clearly permitted by the rules. Maybe someone can wordsmith that into something more compact and resume-friendly.