Can I study off old Schweser notes


I registered for June 2016 level I exam and bought Schweser notes. However, I wasn’t able to attend the exam. I have the notes untouched basically. I will be setting for Level I June 2017. Do you guys think I should just use the old material I have from June 2016? Or do you recommend buying a new ones. I am planning on starting the preparation for this exam starting Jan (Really need to pass it). Should I go for the CFA material or stick with Schweser?

Thanks in advance

Can anyone help please

One you register, check to see what’s changed from the previous year. Usually, 10-15% of the LOS change from one year to the next. What I’d do is first check to see if what readings have changed. For those that haven’t changed changes in the LOS will likely be minor (in many cases, slight rewordings). If a reading has changed, that’s where the differences will come. Even then, many of the LOS might not changes.

In short, use the notes, but cross-check to make sure.

You can use schweser books 2016 and updated LOS from CFA 2017.

I think there are minor changes, most changes are changes in Economics and new LOS in Corporate and Ethics.

Hey, I have the same question and the same problem. I appeared for the 2016 June LEVEL 1 exam but could not clear. Now I have the 2015 Schweser notes and I had xeroxed the changes that were there for 2016 exam. There were not that many changes, just a few. But now I am appearing for 2017 JUNE Level 1. Should I use the same material with the 2016 changes that I have or buy 2017 set entirely???. How many changes are there?? Can I xerox them and study?? If there are not that many changes I can study with the xeroxes. Please advise!!! need help!!! Also share some tips about how to clear the exam. Thank You!!!

I see that Ethics, Quantitative and Fin.Statements haven’t changed since 2011 ))) So, definitely you can use your books for those three sections (approx. 40% of material) without any hesitations… In my opinion, you can use 2016 as well… I don’t see any major changes in 2017.