Can kuromusha be banned?


I don’t know, I kind of like his posts.

Please post this in the Feedback Forum

Yes please

No love for the K-guy here.

I wasn’t being serious.

I vote for him to stay, and for QQQbee’s posts to return. Is it not enough that we lost the Roman and Mayan civilizations? Do you want us to lose the legend of QQQbee to?

Frankly, his posts are not nearly as idiotic as some others that are coming out of India.

Yea seriously. If I read one more post about “giving” a CFA exam I’m gonna cry. Nobody wants that as a gift dammit!!!

is he an Indian or a Korean?


Maybe if we ignore him he will just go away.

He just said he would fight his future child for his wifes breast milk. The stupidity of that comment is just too much for me.

When has that worked before?


Agreed the India posts are bad, but that doesn’t make his posts any less shit

His tag says Australia.

don’t ban. yes, the post are 90% pure nonsense… however…

.kuromusha’s post+ the collective brain mass of this community = a brand of humor is hard to find.

If it gets out of hand and proportionately brings down the integrity of the site, then yea, gotta go. For now it seems to be a tolerable managerie of the absurd.

Creating a thread about him might not be the best idea then. Not that you started the thread, but you know what I mean.

Active discussion in the Feedback Forum?

*Erection intensifying

I didnt even know how to get here…