Can you register for 2020 now?

I can…hope it is not a tell

It lets me progress through the steps too.

When I reach the point of clicking on the ‘‘Register Now’’ button, I get an error message saying something went wrong.

It doesn’t let me login to the website. It says “Bad Request”.

It tells me that I am already registered for the CFA Program.

“You are already registered for the CFA Program. Go to your candidate resources to prepare for the exam”

Says I am already registered too.

Doesnt let me register, gets stuck on a loop trying

Says I am already registered

…and then when it eventually gets through says I am already registered and can’t register for 2020

Yeah at first I could register but now it goes into the infinite loop.

Something is definitely happening

I have the infinite loop now too. I feel somewhat relieved. But, I also feel like VIX just shot up 100%

yup, the pain is real

Bro. . . I legit felt empty inside when I sat here being able to register with all of you reporting you got an error message. That was the closest I think I’ve ever felt to real depression.

Let me login now and says I’m already registered too. The roller coster rides gets real suspenful in the end eh

Mine says already registered

Mozzila Firefox gives me infinite loop, but Chrome and Edge are working - it says that I am not registered for the exam but could do so for 2020

All of ours said we were registered until literally 15 minutes ago is the thing.

Me too… what about scholarships??? has anyone tried it???

Same here, horrible feeling. Time will tell