Can you register for 2020 now?

This is just pure torture…

Might have been spotted already but all my candidate resources have gone (mocks, question bank etc.) they were definitely there earlier

Let us just hope they have a troll at the IT department who enjoys reading the AF L3 threads

Sorry to be clear the errata, locations fees and deadlines and exam registration are still there but the others have gone

haha wouldn’t be surprised!

SHIT… I CAN register for 2020 L3 ((((

I guess last year for L2 we could still access our resources till last day. Not sure

I’ll add another data point - after hitting Programs -> register -> register, I have the option to register for the Level III exam (and also occasionally gets stuck in an infinite loop). This is a recent change, as it used to tell me that I am currently registered for an exam this morning.

It also sounds as though everyone’s candidate resources page has changed. However there is definitely some kind of differential result around registration.

For what it’s worth, I felt reasonably confident about the exam, but you never know. Did any others have very strong feelings one way or the other?

Maybe a trick, if you can register you passed and if you cannot you failed. just like the CFAI distracter answers to make you think you answered correctly

I clicked through “Payment” page… Don’t want to pay now )))

I think that I failed… It’s more probable.

Codtrawler87 is a sure pass and he could register (error message does not count as he had the option to register for the next year). Yoshimitsu, the same thing exactly happens to me. We just do not know whether this is a tell.

Immediately after the exam I felt confident but as the time has passed it faded away. Now I rely on random stuff that pops up on CFAI website. Go figure.

I get already registered for the CFA program. Go to candidate resources… then I tried again and got stuck in a loop. Then tried again and got the original message.

I think we are breaking the internet checking

If you have proxy errors or undefinite loop then just try to erase your cache and cookies…

I’m going to try and pay and see what happens.

says im already registered :frowning:

Welp. . . It took my money.

Why? For the logical standpoint if you CAN register then you FAIL. If you can’t register or already rgistered - it’s a good sign )

Welcome CFA Level 3 Candidate ))

I guess it is a “I will see you next year bro”

I’m still not registered though.