Can you register for 2020 now?

Wait, it took your money but you are not registered?

Maybe there is a glimmer of hope. I am still banking on Codtrawler87

R u serious CEO 10k. U registered again? Man I cannot concentrate on my job now lol

I get the already registered message…

Yup - not joking. IDK what to think though.

This is crazy. Then do you still have “register now” button?

Any changes at Results tab?

Who am I fooling…

But this whole “register for the exam before results are out” is a pure torture.

Until next year…

Yes, it’ll let me keep registering. I feel like as many times as I want.

No I think this is a system error. Not a tell relax.

You are rich, man :). You should call CFAI, their IT system sucks.

I’m now starting to think it’s all bullshit and we’re all reading into something that has no significance.

Has anyone tried the scholarships???

I did, it worked for me

It says we cannot retrieve your eligibility information.

And you can’t register for the 2020 exam???

Yes. I cannot

I can do BOTH - scholarship and exam registration (((

I can’t register for the exam and im going to try the scholarships to see what happens

Guys, I quite literally think the CFA website just sucks.

I can’t register for the 2020 exam and it seems i can apply for scholarships… i tried it until step 2… I’m a level 3 retaker … the exam day i was confident about passing the exam… but nobody knows…