Canadian Parliament Attacked

Scary stuff happening right now. CNN/BBC/CBC all covering this. One solider shot guarding the National War Memorial, reports that multiple gunmen on the loose. One gunmen was deep inside Parliament. The fact that a solider was shot at our National War Memorial makes me so angry. Don’t even know what else to say right now. While it seems the casualties are relatively few right now, this is such an offensive act of terror or violence to Canadians. I’m in such shock.

poor kids and parents of kids on paliament tours. this would be frightening.


Holy fuck : there are multiple gunmen. Seems like an organised act.

That’s terrible. Best wishes, Canada.

Not sure if linked, but yesterday some home-bred radical islamist convert ran 2 soldiers over in Quebec, according to news feeds.

That’s the scary part about modern islamist terrorism : more than ever it caters to violent loosers and lowlifes worldwide who need a cause.

But why would someone attack Canada?

I’ll run with this one. Canada, although reporting zero cases of Ebola, has led the development and distribution of drugs to treat Ebola (Good Guy Canada right there). Ebola cases seem to be dropping. Obama wants Ebola to spread so more people sign up for Obamacare. Obama is behind the attack.

We are with you guys in Iraq fighting ISIS.

For sending troops to Afghanistan, for supporting Israel, etc.

But more precisely, because these pigs just need an excuse to blow shit up and cut throats.

I was amazed at how random the execution of that British taxi driver was, a few weeks ago. If I am not mistaken, the poor guy was abducted in Syria and brought to Iraq to be executed by a fellow Brit.

ISIS is notorious for having many Tchetchen fighters in its “army”

That’s my point. It’s becoming more and more random & global, it’s making less and less sense.

^ And more dangerous to us in the West.

Absolutely. What’s to stop brainwashed assholes to start kidnapping people and slit their throats on camera in their basements ?

Running people over like that dipshit yesterday is also extremely easy.

I predict we are going to start seeing more and more terrorism without the “resistance” component to it.

Again, brainwashed sub-human scum from all over the world looking for a cause.

so sad…feeling really sorry for kids…

You mean like these three teenage girls that tried to runaway from their homes in Colorado to join them?

I had been meaning to book a ski trip to Calgary for February the past couple of days. Is it bad that I remembered to do it after this news?


ISIS has a death wish. The sooner we fulfil it the better. They get to be martyrs, we get to enjoy life on earth, everybody wins.

No. Though Calgary and Ottawa are as far apart as Denver and DC… Enjoy the skiing. I’m just so angry right now reflecting on the fact some idiot killed a solider, with a family, guarding our National War Memorial. Then to go on to shoot up the centre of our democracy. It so offensive to the core of what makes me Canadian. Really angry this afternoon.

^I don’t think anyone would disagree with you.

I am angry that geo hasn’t apologized for his outburst yet.