Candidacy on a CFA Exam on Linkedin

Please, anyone on the board can say where to put the candidacy for the 2016 Level III Candidate in the CFA Program on linkedin.

I have read to put it either under certifications or under education.

Thank you. LinkedIn

The Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile is specifically designed to display professional certifications and credentials, and is the most appropriate place to display your status as a CFA charterholder, Claritas certificate holder, or CIPM certificant. Instructions are provided below. Note: The Experience section is for displaying your employment experience. To avoid giving the impression that you are an employee of CFA Institute, do not list your CFA Institute professional credential or candidacy in this section.

CFA Program Instructions for LinkedIn

CFA Charterholders

  • Select the Certifications section from the list to the right of your profile (or scroll down to see it).
  • Select + Add
    • Certification Name: If your charter has been awarded, enter Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholder
    • Certification Authority: Enter CFA Institute
    • License Number: Leave this field blank
    • Certification URL: Leave this field blank
    • Dates: Select the month and year in which you received your charter
    • Box labeled “The certificate does not expire”: CFA Institute members may check this box as long as you satisfy the requirements to maintain your status.
  • Select Save

CFA Program Candidates

If you are a candidate in the CFA Program, you may indicate your status—in the Education section—based on

  • The exam level you are currently registered for or the level of the exam you recently sat for (if you haven’t yet received your result):
    • 2014 Level I Candidate in the CFA Program
    • 2015 Level II Candidate in the CFA Program
    • 2015 Level III Candidate in the CFA Program
  • Or the level you have completed, e.g., “Passed Level II of the CFA Program”

If you have completed all three levels of the CFA Program, but have not completed the work experience requirement, you may state: “Passed all three levels of the CFA Program and may be awarded the charter upon completion of the required work experience.”

Do not use your candidacy in the Heading of your profile. Do not indicate an “Expected” date.

I have read it, but I also have read it to put it under certifications.

If you put it under education it isnt intuiitive, for example when specfiying school, area…

It’s simple…you have the full charter, put it under certificates.

If you are a candidate, put it under education…leave school and area etc blank so that it just says “2016 Level X candidate etc”…