Cant believe its over

Sometimes I forget that CFA is over. For the last 2.5 years CFA has been such an integral part of life that its hard to forget it.

F’in A bro. Hear you. You may forget everything you learned in the CFA curriculum. You will never forget what the first Friday night of June can feel like.

we should look forward …cfa is only a test we should prove us in the real professional career

Just to remind myself that I have passed L3, I pinned the exam results letter on the wall next to my bed. I am soooooo glad it is over. The last hurdle is to get another sponsor and have my work experience approved.

Don’t think it will start to really kick in until this January, then really kick in during Memorial Day weekend. I’ve never been so excited for a winter.

I had a nap after finishing L3.

yea…still talking about CFA everyday with my gf and fds

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“It’s over.” - Yogi Berra

I’m in the same boat. Can’t get used to the idea that it’s all over yet. All the free time I have is really free. Still a little bit nervous, because in the last 3 years from October, November I usually start with the reading. It will be my first Christmas just for me and the family in the last years.

Yes, it has been so long. My kids had got used to me studying at night for the CFA exams. After L3 was completed June 2011, they still kept on asking whether ‘are you studying tonight?’. In fact, they just asked me moments ago!

does anybody secretly wish there was a level 4? :slight_smile:


escape-from-alcatraz Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > does anybody secretly wish there was a level 4? :slight_smile: What, are you sick?!

We should not judge people who derive pleasure from pain. After all, they do support a sizable industry of er… specialty shops.

escape-from-alcatraz Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > does anybody secretly wish there was a level 4? :slight_smile: CFA Level 4 = FRM designation CFA Level 5 = CAIA designation CFA Level 6 = ???

It will fully kick in at 1:00 AM Saturday AM of Memorial Day 2012 with a big fat drink in my hand and I think, “Yes I will have one more I have nothing to do next weekend.”

BTW, anyone has any opinion on CAIA? I keep on seeing this designation. Seems everybody has a CAIA including those doing sales.

I rarely see CAIA mentioned outside of AnalystForum; it is probably about 1/30th as well-known as the CFA designation, and not nearly as highly regarded. On the other hand, if you’ve already done the CFA, you won’t have too much trouble with the CAIA material. Might be worthwhile doing if you’re interested in working in hedge funds or portfolio management.

I did my two CAIA exams between CFA exams. It actually was a positive differentiating factor for me in my most recent career change. It seems to have the most applicability and recognition for those in the hedge fund space. I’m starting to encounter a lot more “,CFA , CAIA” folks during our manager searches.