cant sleep

not even a hint of tiredness. 12:16 here on the east coast…

I haven’t even tried sleeping yet… I’m reading ethics in bed. I was hoping to sleep @ 12am… but it’s past that already haha. Gluck with falling asleep… and on the exam tmrw!! : )

Same here… reading this schweser review slideshow…

Why sleep when you can stay up all night cramming for this test. Get Pumped up to pass this!!

lol good call. I like this clip. Another clip from a Rocky movie was pretty good lemme see if I can find it…

Good Video. I love the Any Given Sunday One. I’m in a tough spot right now as I know if I fall asleep there is now way I am going to pass this test tomorrow. Based on my scores today, things are not looking pretty. I think I’m just going to stay up all night and hit the few sections I did bad on hard. Might crash in the afternoon, but I see no other way in possibly passing this test. Might as well lay it all out on the table for this test.

I don’t think it will make all that much of a difference. I think I am in worse shape than a lot of people on this forum, but I am just gonna read over some feedback rules, make sure I have all those memorized, and then some random other things, and get at least 4-5 hours of shuteye. Nothing you can do in these last few hours is going to make a HUGE difference… and it would be really bad if you dozed off or were less than fully conscious during the exam.

Boys - never sleep! Sleeping is for cats. Just cram it till 8.00AM and believe me you won’t feel sleepy during the exam (For those drowsy eyes – just rip open a RedBull or 2). Last few hours to go and you can’t sleep when the finish line is so near. Time to start sprinting now and peak midst of the exam tomorrow. I read Schweser till the proctor had to ask me ‘in’ and kept reading in the lunch break too. Every second counts now… That very precious minute that you sleep might cost you a brutal six more months. So wake up and get your ammos loaded. For few weak hearted reading my BS here, if you think you can’t do the night - just log off and mama will get you some Kellogg’s frosties for breakfast tomorrow (she promises). Don’t forget to leave the hall 2 minutes before 5.00 and grab the ‘I survived the CFA Exam’ T’s from the Schweser stall (talking NYC) - that’s a well deserved token of appreciation after the massacre of 240 bullets and 2 rounds of face-punching. Go Rocky Go - Just show those Charlottesville junta what mistake they have done by allowing you to register for this designation. Good Luck – I’ll be awake to keep you awake all night or till Chad shuts this website down (whichever occurs earlier). It’s 1.19AM ET and The music crescendos’ here.

1:23 now… i dont know man, if i fall asleep at the wheel tomorrow and die a fiery death its on you

You’ll be bemused, with ethics section being so convoluted, perplexed & esoteric… The hexagonal sleeplessness will start kickin’in… and by the time you reach Port Mgmt you’ll already find yourself in the fist pump posture. — Do watch Madagascar-2 at AMC-25 and symphonize “HE LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT … SHE LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT … YOU LIKE TO, L2!”

Dinesh I can’t tell if you’re serious or not. I forgot what convexity is. After I refresh myself I’m going to bed. 1 AM in the Midwest.

C’mon you are the ditch digger for L1 - You have to dig the ditch and find the hidden mines implanted by paper-setters tomorrow then why this lethargy all of a sudden? Get Fanatic, wear your meticulous goggles and lead the minesweeper! You have to work with your new boss, file good taxes with IRA and those lovely sleepless 4 months of tax season, and then what’s just another little half-night of no sleep. - 2.03 EST (and ticking)

Although I’m on the side of the road that is for leaving no stone unturned and studying up until the last possible second, I can’t imagine the marginal gain will be very great when one does not rest the brain at least for a few hours. Funny post nonetheless, I swear I’m going to hit you up for that WSP Code once I get some spare time in between exams. Starting Monday I need to start refreshing myself with 08 tax law changes. It will probably make the CFA Curriculum look like an amusement park.

dinesh.sundrani Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > You’ll be bemused, with ethics section being so > convoluted, perplexed & esoteric… The hexagonal > sleeplessness will start kickin’in Dinesh, are you reading the Barron’s word list by any chance these days?

Commandos - Let’s have a show of hands here or did you sissies already pass out? Boom goes the dynamite!

I’m here Dinesh

Swanny - You never disappoint man! Kudos…

The OG of staying up all night is still here! I’m currenlty ripping through the secret sauces going over everything. Let’s see how that retentional works out. Do REALLY need to get there an hour before the test? I want to get max study time in. First time so I’m not too sure. All I know is that if I can pull this cram session off there is going to be a major celebration going on. Red Bull Gives You Wings!!

So the grand count merely comes down to the following L1 Candidate: 1 L2 Candidate: 1 L3 Candidate: 1 I should have already shorted RedBull (Ticker: RB) stocks, had I known the L1-clique took pride in hibernating before exams. Times Now reporting - 3.50 EST!