CFA 2021 Level III PM Mock Q7

Statement 1: Those of you who have just passed Level III of the CFA program and are now about to become CFA charterholders will now be required to comply with the CFA Institute’s:
• Code of Ethics,
• Standards of Professional Conduct, and
• Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct (AMC).

Bray is incorrect in that candidates in the CFA program are already required to follow and comply with the Code and Standards.


Aren’t candidates required to comply with the Code & Standards?

Candidates and charterholders are not required (only recommendation) to comply with Code of Ethics or Standards of Professional Conduct.
AMC is only for firm, not individuals.

Candidates are required to comply with the Code of Ethics, so they are required to comply while they are candidates, not just after they become charterholders.

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I got this one wrong too.
It’s as much an Ethics question as it is an English question, it’s asking what you are required to comply with as a CFA charterholder that you did not need to comply with as a candidate

omfg lol, thanks for the clarification… so because one already has to comply as a candidate, once one is about to become a Charterholder they don’t “now” have to comply because they already have been. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Thanks Boston, keep it classy

Agree guys, this was such a stupid Q. I def expect more “substance” from the exam questions, also, TBH this was not the only weird ethics Q in the mock

what the actual…@&M"

thanks for clarifying springbear…such poor poor mocks from CFAi, both 2020 & 2021…

For this question:

Can i just check if firms AND individuals cannot claim compliance on AMC?
AMC is applicable to both firms and individuals?

Just investment firms, not individuals.

thanks mate!