CFA - 32 Sample Questions

Hi All, I haven’t yet purchased any exam study guides yet, such as the CFA materiials or Schweser, etc. My primary source for information on the exam, such as sample questions, so far, comes from this forum, and the 32 sample questions I’ve seen at the CFA site here : Can someone comment on how representative those 32 questions at the above link are compared to the other sample Level 1 question banks that people have been working on? I’m currently a student, and could barely afford to sign up for the exam, much less purchase the expensive (to me) course study notes and sample exams, so I’m working with whatever free resources I can get. This board has been amazing so far, lots of good sample questions people have posted, and good discussions, for which I’m super grateful, and now I hope to help contribute too (December 2007 exam). But I’m curious how that sample exam in the link previously compares w/ a ‘real’ exam, in terms of material and difficulty. I got 17 out of 32 correct on that sample exam, but that was before I started studying, so I figure that’s not too bad of a score, obviously needs much improvement though. Thanks.

Good luck… I dont think it was a great investment to spend money for the exam and not purchase any materials…

What books are you using for your prep?

Just out of curiosity, when are you going to begin studying? A word of advice, I wouldn’t put too much money on the odds of answering only 32 practice questions and passing the exam in December. But I was never much of a betting man.

I signed up for the Dec. 2007 exam last Thursday. At that point I had 17/32 questions correct of that small collection of questions, and I hadn’t done any studying yet. I figure with studying I can hopefully push that correct rate up high enough to pass in the next few weeks. SS1 reading is freely available on the CFA site. For econ I grabbed two intermediate books (macro + micro) from my uni library, and I’m also sitting in on some econ class at my uni. The FSA information is what is currently giving me the most issue. For now I’ve found the following explanatory site online, and have been working through that. Obviously I’ll need to get to more depth, but this has been great for me to start the analysis. I’ve been writing down terms seen in sample questions, and looking them up w/ wikipedia or google, and finding out what definitions are, and how they are used. For example, double-declining or sum of years digits depreciation methods. My main question, though, is if the difficulty of those 32 questions is more-or-less in line w/ the questions people have encountered w/ their sample exams purchased from CFA, Schweser, or other.

ok, this is just painful to read. give me your email address. the 32 questions are comparable in terms of difficulty and structure.

I just talked to my brother, he took the CFA Level 1 many years ago, and will mail me his notes, I think they are Schweser. Although these are from about 5-6 years old, it should be good enough to give me 1st-order exposure to most of the basic topics on the exam this year. I might then be able to spend some money instead on a sample exam or two, which will of course be good to expose me to current topics so I’ll know which areas to work further on. This forum, however, has been invaluable for the discussions of sample exam questions so far.

stratus, i would highly suggest not using old notes, especially for ethics section. i would also suggest giving your email to lola, she is great at helping others.

whoa thanks, marat.

Lola… I would def. give you my email if you wanted to send ME some notes!

sorry, I’m not sending notes. Furthermore, I don’t want this to turn into another thread we all know too well, i.e.:,601330

haha… thats ok… I was just kidding with you…

Hi Lola, My email address is where the y should be replaced by the @ sign (my attempt to cut down on spam). As I said previously, though, my brother is going to send me his old Schweser books, so that should really help me out a lot. Thanks.

dude, dude, dude… ur level 1 exam is gonna be 240 questions… do you think doing 32 mcq’s is going to be representative of the actual exam? I think not. And as for using schweser from 5-6 years ago…bad idea…you’d be studying a lot of topics that have been dropped from the syllabus…and there would have been tons of stuff added since then. I understand ur a student >>>but isn’t the curriculum included with your registration fee this year??? please check that out dude… If not, get back to me and i’ll have a look at what i’ve got left from level 1. peace.

bro I’ll send you some questions/notes (in pdf format) tonight, once I get home from work… I admire your persevarance, but the resources you’ve got, just won’t cut it.

Stratus give me your email. I can send you e-version of materials for june 2007. Some of this has changed, but as far as I know 70% of LOS’s are the same for december exam.

rado his email is about 3 posts above…

ok. thanks kevin. i didn’t notice that. Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Stratus give me your email. I can send you > e-version of materials for june 2007. Some of this > has changed, but as far as I know 70% of LOS’s are > the same for december exam. nope, 100% of the LOS are the same.

are you serious lola? that means that i could have saved some money if I knew that. well, at least i saved some blank paper to print it…