CFA...can I do it? If you're a CA or CA student from India !! Please reply

This is for Indian candidates …preferably who are doing or have done CA also from India …I’m a CA final student. I really want to get into CFA …IB is like a dream but I have just one issue …I feel I won’t be able to …so please guide me …is it tougher than CA in India? Is course sorta similar ??? And I am a student of university of Delhi …college is no10 on top 10 list delhi …and lastly …what does it require to do CFA??

P.S. It’s other people scaring me that it’s tough and I won’t be able to …though I really wanna do it

You can start doing CFA with graduation .With a backround in CA you will have lot of help in subjects like FSA and equity . It is not tougher than CA in India. With a bit of hard work , finance aptitude and reasoning skills you can do it.

Dear Madam

Greetings. CFA program is not a cave you can “get into” if IB is “international baccalaureate” you do not need the CFA ( violation of code and standards?). The CFA charter ( 4 yrs qualified work ex required for charter) alone will not get you into the cream of finance. MBA from a top B-school is the best bet else hacksaw (not applicable since you are female)

I do not know how it compares to CA in terms of difficulty.It certainly has some overlap in topics like financial accounting but the rest is different. people from diverse educational backgrounds such have passed all levels, so it should be possible for CA final student.

My suggestions are

  1. complete your CA.

  2. Think long and hard about whether you genuinely like and want to get into finance. Money can be made in many professions. a small minority of people in this field make most of the money. you should be aware that most do not belong to such a group. be realistic in your expectations.

  3. Ask yourself what do i love doing the most ?(NO , making money is not the appropriate answer).

4 If you do decide, after due thought, to pursue the CFA program, stick to your decision. do not let anyone scare you. It is tough ,like any professional course. If a 39 yr old man with average intelligence and lotsa hard work can reach level III, you certainly can do it.



P. S :- Shall we meet for coffee? :smiley:

Edupristine : heard of your institute …was planning to study from there only :slight_smile:

confused2010 : IB is invsestment banking …and that’s the dream …and what I want to do ? It’s a hard decision …although if it’s about interests …finance …financial management …I like to know about these. I am well aware that finance world…it’s really tough out there…but what’s a person that will never try …all I wanna know is I’m not dreaming something Unachievable …

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I’m sorry what?


But to the thread, you should look up the esteeemed Rahul Roy. He’s like a super master of the ACCA or whatever accounting thingy nobody outside of India’s heard of.

Is ACCA the same as a CA? I’ve only ever heard of CA and CPA as the two main accounting certifications.

No ACCA is not same as CA …CA is although chatered accountancy from the esteemed institute ICAI in India …the final exam of CA in India is said to be the 8th toughest exam in the world acc to Pearson …but let’s think of the query …I’ve noticed quite some heat is there on this topic of CA vs CFA on AF.

rahul roy? Didn’t reply here :-/

p.s. What do u guys mean by I’ll bookmark and see on Monday …I’m new .

CA toughest exam in the world??My dad employs CA’s for Rs.15 k or $350 a month.My cousin who is a grades the “CA” paper.Most of the members in my family are CA’s so don’t let me open my mouth about corruption in Indian CA.There is over supply of CA’s every where in India,most of them working in shitty jobs.

Indian CA is far inferior to US CFA.

Most of my friends who had done CA earlier are either doing shitty jobs or doing CFA/FRM.

You need just 50% marks to pass CA but you have to get 70% to pass CFA/FRM.

You have no idea what you are talking about!!!

No body in India knows about ACCA .I have never seen a qualified ACCA in India.

Please do some google search before talking shit!!

It takes 3-4 years to clear 14 papers of ACCA.It is not like USCPA which can be cleared in 1 year.

Sorry for the aggression in my reply but you are talking shit about ACCA which is awarded by accounting body in Europe.

STATISTICS ABOUT ACCA Regional performance in 2010-11 (April to March) Region** Total members Total students Totals Total increase % from 2009**Asia Pacific 42, 252 108,389 150,641 4.6% Europe and Americas 92,642 156,089 248,731 3.8% MENASA (Middle East, North Africa and South Asia) 3,239 76,981 80,220 11% Sub Saharan Africa 9,132 82,479 91,611 4.1%Global totals 147,265 423,938 571,203 4.9%

I have not seen any qualified ACCA members in India.There must be very few ACCA members in India.

Just because you don’t know about a designation,it does not mean that it is worthless.Kindly do some google search before commenting “false” facts.

*As per my life goals:CFA/FRM>>>ACCA.I don’t know if i will complete ACCA in future.CFA is my primary goal.

*US CPA >= ACCA .But CPA exams are not conducted in India so i have no choice but to go for ACCA.

Uh …as I said quite a controversy this is …but i wanted to know about certain details and not what’s better! Cfa is global it’s obviously better …but yea I would like you knowing …that 50% is hard as hell to achieve …and you seem like a smart person how can u compare the 50% to 70% do u know Ca is subjective exam and not multiple choice ? And over supply ? Result for CA final was 3% !!

Anyway I do not want to make this CA vs CFA please I request …I’d wanna know the answer to my ques …!! Thanks !!

3%…yes i heard about it!!!But even most of this 3% are hunting for jobs.As i said my dad hires CA’s for $300 a month for basic book keeping jobs.This clearly shows that supply>demand.Higher supply brings down price/salary of a good/employee-BASIC ECONOMICS.But i cannot blame you for not knowing economics as you only studied a small part of Economics (which was a joke) in your CA CPT exams.

Scoring 50% in CA is hard as hell??

Well my friend who passed CA in 1 attempt is failing to pass FRM for 3 years in a row.

Yes CA is subjective,that is why you are allowed to write BS stuffs.In Indian CA you are given 10 marks to calculate DCF but in CFA you will get just 1 marks to calculate DCF of a firm.

In 2012 when i started to prepare for CFA/FRM after my graduation,my tutor forced me to do CA MAFA/SFM classes so that i can learn basics of finance and to be honest CA SFM is a joke!!!

If Indian CA is so great then why people like you are running for CFA/FRM??

My uncle is a CA who grades CA final papers.In reality,he just collects CA final papers from the institute and gives them to his qualified son to grade.This is reality of your CA checking bro.

People cheat in CA exams like hell.We will be “banned” from appearing in CFA exams if we even looked at our neighbour’s paper for 5 seconds.

I am a Indian but i have no shame in accepting that finance/accounting education in my country is a “joke”.

You can debate with on CA vs CFA/FRM/ACCA and i am ready for it.

I had 1000 reasons to choose CFA/FRM/ACCA over Indian CA.

Now coming to your question.

If you are a CA student (which according to you is hardest exam in the world) then why are you doubting your capabilities to do CFA???

Give a CFA exam and you will soon find if CFA is for you.


And yet again I say …I’m not here for the war !! You’re great …you chose the right things …kudos to you !! And to correct you …not according to me …according to Pearson …google it :slight_smile: …and I don’t doubt CA …it’s great in its own way …degrees cannot ensure jobs bro …you need to have something in yourself too !! Even CFA doesn’t guarantee jobs …I never said CA is harder than CFA …Infact that’s my question !! Please please calm down !! I genuinely required guidance and hence this post !!

just a casual advice : don’t underestimate others and be a positive person for once …:slight_smile:


Oh and try to find out what’s the level of economics in Delhi university is …thanks

No CFA will work for $300 a month.

Only useless CA’s in India work for such a salary.

Why are you so pissed off???

I am just saying the bitter harsh truth.

I am not at all underestimating you.You are underestimating your self.Give a CFA level exam and you will understand it your self.

I need not worry about CA’s.How many CA’s have their own self owned homes in India??How many of them have cars??

No doubt some of the CA’s are very rich in India but they are not doing account/audit related jobs.They are either in some managerial roles or IB roles.

I have seen tons of CA’s in my life,in my family,among my friends.

There are millions of CA’s in India but only few hundred CFAs.

You will find CA’s running for CFA but a CFA holder will never run for a Indian CA.

Let me inform you that CA is a bachelor level course as per NARIC and CFA is a QCF level 7 master’s degree.

I am sorry for comparing a bachelor level course (Indian CA) to master level course (US CFA)

I don’t need to …at 23 ,i have already passed 2 levels of FRM,50% Acca ,CFAL1(preparing day and night for CFAl2 this june) and i am also a final year MBA student from one of the top institutes of India.

I plan to work after my MBA and CFA l2(if i pass) in 4 months time.

Most of my friends at my age are only CA finalist.

So i don’t care about your shit Delhi University.

I was just saying don’t underestimate CAs …no I’m not pissed off …really …IB is my dream too why would I be pissed off …it’s just when a person tells you u are nothing and I am everything it hurts a bit …thanks for the info though …was helpful! I mentioned CA only to know if i have the required intellectual capability or not …now as u clearly state cfa is harder to pass I am gonna have to reconsider right !

And I mentioned DU only and only because u said my knowledge of economics is a joke …so I said …please don’t sell others so short …and I am stating this with a smile …all the best for your exams …FRM is harder ive heard …cfa l2 will definitely be done !!